Sexual assault support and resources

Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocates

Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocates (CSASAs) on our Fredericton and Saint John campuses are specially trained to support students who have experienced sexual violence. They can offer trauma-specific counselling as well as help you report an incident, arrange accommodations, seek medical help and much more.

If someone discloses to you that they have been sexually assaulted, follow our guidelines on providing support.

Fredericton campus

For UNB Fredericton’s Campus Sexual Violence Support Advocates Hilary Swan and Maggie Forsythe, offering support to survivors of sexual violence goes beyond providing resources – it means developing a personal connection and creating a safe place where survivors feel heard, believed and validated while they work together to explore options that best meet the survivor’s needs.

The CSASA office is located on the 2nd floor of CC Jones Student Services Centre and they are available to those affected by sexual violence during their university careers.

Serving the Fredericton campus community, in partnership with Sexual Violence New Brunswick (SVNB), Maggie and Hilary bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to UNB in supporting individuals who have been impacted by sexual assault as well as enhancing the response and prevention of sexual violence in our communities.

Maggie Forsythe

Maggie Forsythe

Certified by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, Maggie has been a counsellor with SVNB since 2010 offering trauma-specific therapy to those who have experienced sexual violence. In 2016, Maggie worked in partnership with UNB to pilot the first CSASA position.

Throughout this implementation, the position turned into a three year agreement between SVNB and the three institutions on campus (UNB, STU, and NBCC) creating a multi-faceted approach to addressing sexual violence on campus that includes Counselling & Advocacy, Prevention & Awareness, Education, and Policy Development. Please see the Prevention and Education page for more information on these efforts.

Hilary Swan

Hilary Swan

Hilary is excited to be returning to the campus she called home when she first moved to New Brunswick 7 years ago, in a role that will allow her to work on strengthening a system that promotes respect, empowerment and safety for those impacted by sexual violence.

Before joining us, Hilary worked in a community based practice where she provided counselling for youth and adults specifically working with cases that involved trauma, intimate partner violence, and sexual abuse.

She holds a master’s degree in Counselling from UNB and is a certified through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She has also received additional training in working with survivors of sexual violence, individuals that identify as LGBTQIA+, and in supporting individuals who are suicidal.

Saint John campus

Trish Murray-Zelmer

Trish Murray-Zelmer

The Saint John CSASA, Trish Murray-Zelmer, is based out of UNB Saint John’s Student Services Department, located in Philip W. Oland Hall. Trish is an advocate, supporter, therapist, Feminist and educator. She believes in empowering survivors of sexual violence by helping them identify and use their strengths and values while respecting them as the experts of their own lives. A UNB alumna, Trish is a Licensed Counselling Therapist in New Brunswick and is also certified by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Trish has over 8 years’ experience in university student services prior to joining the UNB Saint John counselling team. She is passionate about collaborating with student unions, student clubs, and community partners to deliver relevant and timely support to students. In addition, she has been an active volunteer in the field of sexual violence prevention, survivor support, and advocacy for over 2 years. She has facilitated trainings in supporting adult survivors of sexual violence and the neurobiology of trauma.

Trish can help survivors navigate on and off-campus resources, provide survivor counselling, arrange accommodations and refer survivors to medical care related to sexual violence. For the UNB Saint John community, she can provide education sessions and training on the societal causes of sexual violence, how to respond to sexual violence disclosures, and bystander training.

Trish is available to support any member of the UNB community impacted by sexual violence.


UNB policies

As part of our commitment to creating a campus where sexual violence is not tolerated, UNB has developed and adopted a Sexual Assault Policy and procedures to implement and support the policy.