Office of Human Rights & Positive Environment

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"The University of New Brunswick is committed to providing a positive learning and working environment, one in which all members of the community are respectful and respected as individuals. We strive to foster a welcoming and supportive community, where every person feels empowered to contribute". (UNB Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities) & "The University is committed to creating and maintaining an environment for all of its students and employees that is free of objectionable and disrespectful conduct." (UNB Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Harassment Policy)

As the primary champion of the University’s Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities, the Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment provides free services on both the Fredericton and Saint John campuses. It provides leadership and support for initiatives and policies that contribute to a positive, healthy, equitable, respectful and inclusive campus environment. 

Services of the office are open to all members of the University community. We work with individual students, faculty and staff as well as student groups, staff unions and associations, administrative and academic units and groups of leaders, managers and instructors. The office provides and/or collaborates to develop educational and awareness training on numerous human rights matters that can be tailored to the needs of your group or unit.  We are willing to work with members of the community to design such programs to suit their individual needs, in terms of subject matter, educational approach, location, time and date and duration of the session. We have done everything from a five-minute introduction to the work of the office or the major issues we cover to half-day and full-days sessions on specific issues, such as sexual harassment, employment equity, inclusive workplace or classroom, etc. We try as much as possible to work with campus partners with expertise in specific areas in creating and implementing these sessions.

Additionally, we serve as the central point of first contact and referral for any member with human rights concerns in order to provide confidential advice and discuss informal supports with the goal of early and informal resolution and problem solving.  The office manages and refers formal discrimination and harassment complaints  (see UNBs Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Harrassment Policy) when appropriate and liaises with relevant University offices to ensure fair and timely supports are provided.

Services Offered

  • Confidential consultations on Harassment, Discrimination and related issues
  • Explanations of related policies and procedures
  • Guidance through complaint processes
  • Awareness and education programs.

For a brief overview of the work and services provided by the Human Rights and Positive Environment Office view our brochure.