New funding programs

We are excited to announce two new funding opportunities for future graduate students on both the Fredericton and Saint John campuses.

Accelerated Masters

This new award promotes transitioning of select UNB undergraduate students into accelerated research-based Masters programs at UNB. Eligible students are those with exceptional academic records and an established relationship with a UNB faculty member in the context of an existing research project of joint interest (e.g., a final-year research project or honors thesis) who want to extend this project into a Masters-level thesis project. The award funds the student during the term (usually summer) following completion of their undegraduate degree in order to continue research on the project and thereby facilitate completion of the Masters thesis on an accelerated timeline. The award is provided as a scholarship of $8,000 to the students with the expectation that they dedicate themselves full-time to research activities for that term. During this bridging term they are registered as a graduate student. Some other program requirements for the Masters degree (e.g., coursework) may be completed during the final undegraduate year to facilitate accelerated program completion. Nominations for this award should be made directly to the SGS from the Directors of Graduate Studies (not the students themselves) according to the process detailed below.

Eligibility: UNB Undergraduates, Minimum GPA 3.5, established research project and Supervisor relationship

How to Apply:

  1. Submit regular graduate program application and letters of support 
  2. Include summary of research project and endorsement by faculty supervisor
  3. Include description of plan for degree completion on accelerated timeline vis a vis other program requirements (some requirements my be fulfilled during undergraduate program
Applications reviewed competitively. Accepted students regiser and begin graduate program immediately (May 1) and are supported by this funding program during the summer term. They are, like any other student, eligible for all other forms of support in subsequent terms.

PhD Recruitment

This new award supports recruitment of outstanding PhD students. It is open to all prospective students (domestic or international) and provides up to $10,000/year for 4-years (minimum $5,000 year) conditional upon satisfactory continuation in their degree program. Nominations for this award should be sent to the SGS from the Directors of Graduate Studies (not the students themselves) in the course of their GAU’s normal annual recruitment activities. Hence, nominations will follow the normal receipt and processing of completed applications from prospective students.