Steps after admission

Accept your offer

Login to your application portal using the same login information used to complete your UNB application.

Select ‘Action Required’ and then ‘Respond Now’ to accept your offer of admission. Students with a conditional acceptance will only have the option to accept their offer, once conditions have been met.

If you were accepted into the MQIM, MN, MEM, or MBA programs, a non-refundable admission deposit is required to accept your offer of admission. Non-refundable admission deposits are payable through your application portal.

If you are no longer interested in pursuing a graduate degree at UNB, you may also decline your offer.

Remove conditions on your acceptance

If your certificate of acceptance contains conditions on your acceptance, you will need to satisfy those before your program can be activated and before you can plan and register for courses.

If you were asked to provide official docments, such as a WES ICAP evaluation, official transcripts, or test scores, be sure to arrange delivery (email or postal mail) directly to the School of Graduate Studies on the appropriate campus. Official documents are documents sent directly by the institution to the School of Graduate Studies by mail or email.


The School of Graduate Studies
P.O Box 4400
3 Bailey Drive
Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A3

Saint John

The School of Graduate Studies
P.O. Box 5050
100 Tucker Park Road
Saint John, NB, E2L 4L5

Activate your IT services

Your student ID number and login ID will be sent to the email noted on your application in the days following receipt of your official letter of acceptance.

If conditions were noted on your letter of acceptance (e.g., must provide official transcripts), you will not receive your login credentials until you have satisfied these conditions.

Once your IT Services have been activated, you can use your MyUNB intranet for all things student-related, including: 

  • Plan your journey at UNB using our student planning tools
  • Browse course offerings and register for courses
  • View your financial details
  • Update your personal information
  • Keep up to date on news happening around UNB
  • Access UNB Libraries

Get connected

Visit your graduate academic unit: They will provide key information about graduate student life, including department-specific orientation, academic requirements and activities happening in your area throughout the year.

Each faculty and department at UNB is unique, so be sure to connect with your graduate contact in your graduate academic unit to find department-specific information.

Meet with your supervisor: Research-based students who have been appointed a supervisor should meet with them early. They will help you establish a plan, organize your journey ahead, and discuss details related to your success at UNB.

Connect with your Graduate Student Association: Your GSA is an independent, member-driven organization who serve the interests of all graduate students at UNB.

As a member of the GSA, you may have access to orientation activities, health and dental plans, CFS services, Safe Ride, a universal bus pass and more.

Contact the GSA office on your campus for more information.

Plan and register for courses

Before planning and registering for courses, be sure to contact your faculty, department or supervisor for guidance on which courses to add to your plan and schedule.

Registering for courses is a two-step process:

  1. Select a course and add course to your plan. 
  2. In the Student Planning and Registration page, ensure a course section is selected and register.

Course catalogue

Pay tuition and fees

Pay your tuition and fees online to avoid waiting at the counter. Your tuition statement will only be available once you have enrolled in classes, or your thesis.

International students

UNB is home to over 900 international graduate students, an intrinsic part of the UNB family. International students seeking advice on the next steps in their UNB journey can reach out to the International Student Advisor’s Office (ISAO).

The ISAO can help:

  • Advise new international students on what’s next
  • Facilitate orientation sessions for new international students
  • Advise on immigration
  • Provide information for families
  • Tax and legal advice

Contact for more information.

Confirmation of enrolment letters

Once you have registered for your classes or thesis, you can generate a confirmation of enrolment letter online via your MyUNB portal for each term you are registered.

Obtain your student ID card

Your UCard is your official Student ID card. Find out more about the benefits and access it can provide at

Update your personal information

Once you have been fully admitted to UNB and activated your student account, update your demographic information if things have changed since you originally applied to UNB.

Living in residence

Once you have been fully admitted to a graduate program, you can apply for residence in Fredericton or Saint John.

Students applying for residence are required to pay a non-refundable residence application fee. The earlier you complete the application process, the better your chances of receiving your preferred residence choices.

Residence is a welcoming and supportive community that has designated staff to help you transition into university life. Residence offers a variety of fun, engaging and informative programs that will help you create a strong sense of community.

In residence, you will have many opportunities to get involved and develop your leadership skills, as well as meet life-long friends.

Benefits of living in residence include:

  • Close to classes and campus resources
  • All-inclusive, worry-free living
  • Opportunities to meet and make life-long friends
  • Be a part of a rich residence culture