Frequently asked questions

Admissions requirements vary depending on the program to which you are applying.

To see if you are eligible for your preferred program, check out our list of programs.

If you feel you meet the eligibility requirements, submit an application today!

Application fees are mandatory and non-refundable.

In order for your application to be considered, the application fee must be paid in full.

Once your application is complete, it is sent to the Department or Faculty to which you applied for review.

Review times can vary depending on the program you applied to and the time of year that you applied. 

Once a decision has been made, you will be notified via your application portal, or by email, so be sure to check your portal often.

Please note that it can take up to six months to receive an admissions decision.


SGS has a global application deadline that is implemented across all graduate programs. Each term, the last day to submit an application is the add/drop date for full session courses (normally two weeks into the start of a term). If you have started an application, but did not submit it prior to this deadline, you will not be able to submit that application.

If your application was submitted, but not complete, the application will not be processed for review.

Additional deadlines may be implemented at the Faculty or Department level and vary by program. To find out if your preferred program has a deadline, check out our list of programs.

Yes, you may apply for more than one program by submitting a separate application and application fee, however, you are only eligible to enrol in one program if accepted.

Once a decision had been made by the Department in which you applied to, the School of Graduate Studies will inform you via your application portal.

Students who are accepted into a program will also receive admissions documents via email.

Be sure to check your application portal frequently to know when a decision has been made.

acceptedOnce you have been accepted, you will be able to download documentation prior to receiving email communications from the School of Graduate Studies.

letter download

Once your application has been submitted, the only changes that you can make are to your references.

If you need to make an important change to your application, please contact the Graduate Program Officer associated with the Department you are applying.

After you have submitted your application and have been prompted to pay your application fee, you will land on your application portal homepage.

Please note that the supplemental documents do not populate until you have fully submitted your application.

To upload your supplemental documents, click 'view' next to the 'action required' notification.

application portal

Application requirements vary by program. Some programs allow the submission of unofficial transcripts as part of the application process, however some programs require official transcripts to be submitted prior to the application being reviewed.

For more information on the application requirements of your intended program, check out our program pages.

Yes, a course by course (CxC) WES evaluation is acceptable.

As noted in the section above, your application must be fully submitted before you will be prompted to upload supplemental documents.

If your application is still showing 'started' in the application portal, please edit your application and fully submit on STEP 4.

previewAfter you 'Preview Before Submission', you will be prompted to fully submit.

final submit

Yes, you can manage your referees in your application portal.

Applicants can send reminders, cancel requests and submit new ones in order to satisfy the three references required for a completed application.

letters of rec

Yes, referees can upload documents on the online reference form emailed to them upon your request from the application portal.

They must ensure they attach the document, as well as upload it in the appropriate section on the reference form provided.


You can see a list of supplemental documents required to be submitted in your application portal.

Here you can also track the status of your reference requests.

supp items

You can track the status of your application from the application portal.

Once your application is complete, an update will be sent to your application portal and an email sent to your email address on file.


If a decision to admit has been made, you will receive an acceptance package from the School of Graduate Studies, which will include an acceptance letter and information on next steps.

From there, you will need to contact the Department in which you are accepted for more details.

Decisions are made by the specific Department which you apply.

If you would like to discuss the decision, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies in the appropriate department.

For information on tuition and fees, visit the Financial Services website.

For information on scholarship opportunities, please see our Scholarship website.

Students may request a deferral one time after their original acceptance letter is issued. Subsequent requests may not be approved, and applicants may be asked to re-apply.