Visiting student eligibility

Eligibility of a UNB visiting student

As a visiting student, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in a graduate program at a foreign university
  • Approved by a UNB Faculty member
    • Accepted by the UNB School of Graduate Studies (SGS) as a visiting student to:
      • Conduct research as part of their academic program OR 
      • Study in a course based program with academic transfer
  • Paid or unpaid

Graduate students from universities with UNB agreements fall under the UNB Exchange program.

Contact Dave Andrews ( for more information.

School of Graduate Studies application

All students enrolled in a graduate academic program abroad must maintain student status at UNB. Therefore, they must apply and be accepted as a visiting student with the School of Graduate Studies.

Once accepted, you will receive all the benefits of a UNB student including:

  • access to health services
  • covered under UNB's health and liability insurance
  • eligible to live on campus
  • supervised by a UNB Faculty member

The fee for visiting students is $1,560.00 for the first term. An additional $200.00 will be charged to extend the insurance coverage per term.

Once accepted to the SGS, you must secure either a study permit (required for studying for more than 6 months) or a work permit (required for visiting students conducting research only).


Application process

  1. Initiate a conversation with the Faculty member who will be your supervisor at UNB. Establish the terms and conditions of your research through a contract or letter outlining the terms of your placement.
  2. Then send the following documents to the UNB Faculty member you will be working with:
  • scanned copy of passport identification page
  • student’s CV
  • confirmation of enrolment at a foreign university
  • confirmation of external funding as applicable
  • Research contract outlining the terms of your placement (signed)
  • letter of acceptance from the School of Graduate Studies
  1. Application is sent to Global Learning & Engagement to the attention of Olga Kamel, Immigration Consultant, at 
  2. The information from the application form is uploaded to the IRCC Employer Portal, the employer compliance fee is paid and an offer of employment number is obtained.
  3. A letter of invitation is then written to the visiting student on behalf of UNB which includes the offer of employment number and the conditions of the visit. A copy of the letter of invitation will be emailed to the visiting student with a copy to the Dean and Supervisor. The original documents will be sent by campus mail to the UNB faculty member inviting the visiting student

Visiting student responsibilities

  1. Complete an application to IRCC for a temporary work permit to conduct research in Canada. The offer of employment number and the letter of invitation are required to complete the application.
  2. Obtain your own insurance. UNB has collaborated with Guard.Me to enable visiting students to purchase insurance.
  3. Finalize your travel arrangements
  4. Secure either on-campus or off-campus housing while at UNB.
  5. Go to Service Canada to secure a Social Insurance Number using your work permit and passport if you are receiving any living allowances or stipends from UNB.