Academic information for incoming exchange students

Academic year

The academic year consists of two semesters: fall (September- December) and winter (January – April). There is usually a teaching break of two or three weeks at Christmas.


Exchange students at UNB have access to many courses. Explore UNB’s courses in our online timetable.

Dates and deadlines

Our important deadlines and dates may be different from you are used to at your home institution. Review our important dates to help plan your time at UNB. 

Course registration

It is important to register in the courses as soon as possible once you have received your letter of acceptance. Some courses fill up quickly. Visit the UNB timetable to see which courses are offered. 

How to register

Find your log-in information on your letter of acceptance, and consult instructions on how to use online registration at UNB

If you have selected courses for which you do not have the appropriate pre-requisites, you will be contacted by the exchange coordinator or an academic advisor to select new courses.

Common questions about course registration

How many academic courses should I enrol in?

Exchange students must have a full-time course load for each semester.

For undergraduate exchange this means enrolling in a minimum of four courses. The average course load for one semester at UNB is five courses. Students may register for up to six courses. However, students must remember that for every hour spent in class, two hours should be spent outside of class studying.  Students who have difficulty comprehending the English language should reserve more time for study.

Graduate exchange students should contact their graduate advisor as requirements vary for each graduate program.

Who should I talk to about course selection?

Students should consult their home institution to ensure the courses from UNB will be transferable. Once accepted, you can contact your UNB academic advisor with academic questions.