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Giving to UNB

Meet Mike

Mike Lewis

Mike earned his bachelor and master degrees at UNB. His experience at UNB helped him obtain a good job in environmental management.

When Mike graduated, like so many before him, he wanted to do something for UNB and its future students. So, he signed up for UNB’s monthly giving program.

Mike knows that many of the opportunities students enjoy at UNB, from scholarships, library and classroom resources to student life and athletics, are funded with the help of alumni donations. He didn’t think his initial donations would go very far, but he wanted to give what he could to help make a difference. And, it does, every day.

“UNB has given me a lot, so it makes sense that I give back what I can. UNB’s monthly giving program lets me do something positive for students, and it’s easy to do. UNB appreciates any amount I care to give because every dollar matters - and I can see the impact that alumni giving has on campus.”

Mike Lewis
BA 2011, MEM 2013

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