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Giving to UNB

Financing our fundraising

When you contribute to the University of New Brunswick your donation accomplishes two goals:

  • It supports the project or program for which you have designated your support: scholarships and bursaries, libraries, academic programs, facilities, athletics, the President’s Fund, other special initiatives or where the need is greatest.
  • It helps us expand our fund raising capacity to secure even greater support from donors.

Fundraising capacity at UNB

In these times when government grants are decreasing as a proportion of our operating funds and tuition fees are at maximum levels, contributions from our many thoughtful donors are absolutely critical to UNB’s continued excellence and our ability to adapt to the needs of our students. Building our fund raising capacity even further is essential to our success in the years ahead.

The Return on Investment (ROI) for UNB’s fund raising has been outstanding. For every 13 cents invested, UNB received a dollar, an ROI of nearly 800 per cent.

How UNB pays for its fund raising

Since 1988 the UNB Board of Governors has had a Policy on Fund Raising Costs. Fund raising is financed through three sources:

  • A modest annual contribution from the general operating budget
  • An administrative fee of five per cent on all contributions
  • An additional amount, if required and approved by the Board of Governors, from undesignated investment funds and donations

But UNB’s support doesn’t stop there. The institution also provides office space and utilities, as well as operational support through Financial Services, Integrated Technology Services, and other administrative units. The Office of Development & Donor Relations’ budget, under the management of the Vice-President of Advancement, is reviewed and approved annually by the University’s budget committees and the Board.

Features of this approach

Fund raising activities are financed more like a business than a university department since costs are assessed primarily against revenues generated. Our approach puts a minimum of pressure on the University’s operating budget, preserving precious government and tuition fee income for academic purposes and student services.

Every dollar donated to the University helps the University raise more money. Every dollar donated helps raise another $9. With a five per cent administrative fee, UNB’s fund raising is cost-effective.

Fundraising costs at North American universities range from four to 25 per cent. UNB’s approach is similar to most other institutions in Canada and the United States. Most use a combination of operating and investment income. Ninety-five per cent of your contribution goes straight to the purpose for which you have designated it. And if your contribution is made to an endowment, investment income over time will replenish the five per cent allocated to fund raising activities.