Science Options

Science is a vast, challenging and rewarding field with many opportunities for a fulfilling career. The complex world of the sciences might baffle you at the outset as you plan your path of study - the list of options is long.

However, there is one constant within the Faculty of Science at UNB that will serve you well. That constant is the willingness of faculty members to work closely with you, providing sound advice so you make the right choices to reach your career goal. This is important when you consider there are 23 different degree program options within the Faculty of Science at UNB. 

Travel and learn

Enrol in a field school course in geology and take trips to places such as Mount St. Helens, the Grand Canyon, and Iceland. Biology field courses can take you as far away as the Caribbean. Or pursue a year's study as an exchange student at another university. 

Need help?

Have questions about the degrees, programs or options offered by the Faculty of Science at UNB? Contact a UNB Fredericton recruiter