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A rational understanding of the world

Studying economics provides students with the structures, information and problem-solving skills to advance their understanding of our economy and society. Economics forces are pervasive in our lives, from the decisions we make as households to those made by government, non-governmental institutions and firms.

In the news

Finder’s Bank of Canada Overnight Rate Survey

The Bank of Canada (BoC) sets the official overnight rate eight times per year. Finder’s Bank of Canada Overnight Rate Survey features some of Canada’s brightest minds in economics and property weighing in on how a potential change to the overnight rate could affect the Canadian economy.

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Co-operative organizations

Dr. Luc Theriault has joined the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation, to promote the sharing of research on co-operative and charitable organizations.

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Data research leader wins national award

Ted McDonald has led efforts to establish New Brunswick as a leading jurisdiction for data research and evidence-based policy.

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Re-examining technological advancements

Dr. Constantine Passaris has made it his mission to re-examine the concept of globalization by considering the evolution of recent technological advancements and how they relate to modern day business practices.

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