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Economics undergraduate programs

The Department of Economics offers majors and honours programs to students in the faculties of Arts, Management and Science. The department also offers a minor to students from all faculties. The usual entry level courses are ECON 1013 or ECON 1014 and ECON 1023 or ECON 1024.

Students normally choose a majors/honours program in their second or third year and should register with the Department of Economics at the beginning of the academic year.

Registration forms can be obtained from the departmental secretary in SH 465. Students are required discuss their plans with the undergraduate advisors, Murshed Chowdhury or Mike Farnworth.

Minimum academic standards

Students in all faculties should note that the minimum grade in a course required by any of the economics programs (majors, honours and minor) is a "C". A grade of "D" is acceptable only if:

  • the course is a normal part of the final year of that program and is being taken for the first time in the final year; or
  • the course is not needed to meet the minimum credit hours of that program.

Economics program for arts students

Programs available to Faculty of Arts students include majors and honours in economics, a major in economic studies and a minor in economics. There is also a minor in public policy jointly offered with political science.

Economics programs for management students

Programs available to Faculty of Management students include majors in economics, honours in economics, honours in finance and economics and a minor in economics. The minor consists of at least 24 ch in economics.

For the minor, ADM2623 and ADM2624 are treated as economics credits. This means Bachelor of Business Administration students can earn a minor in economics by taking only four economics courses in addition to ECON 1013 and ECON 1023. The courses for the minor must be from a "coherent set of sequence of courses" as called for by the general university regulations for a minor.

Economics programs for science students

Programs available to Faculty of Science students include majors and honours in economics, major and honours in mathematics/statistics-economics, major in geology-economics and a minor in economics.

Co-operative education program

The department operates a small co-operative education (co-op) program available to academically qualified honour and majors in economics and majors in economic studies. It is coordinated through the Faculty of Management. This program offers students the opportunity to undertake paid work-terms, the work to include economic research and analysis beyond classroom instruction.