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Science student leadership program

Peer mentors

Looking for an experienced student's point of view?

Your Science Peer Mentors are upper year students who are committed to fostering an inclusive community providing a confidential resource for academic and non-academic issues.

Peer Mentors are an extension of the Dean of Science Office. Our aim is to improve and enhance student success during your academic journey here in science. Peer Mentors provide a "student's point of view" of university life, promote the tools for academic success, and serve as a conduit directing students who need assistance to the proper resources within the Faculty and Campus.

Why reach out to us?

  • Your peer mentors can provide you with support, encouragement, and a path to resources
  • Your peer mentors can give you diverse perspectives and experiences to help you reach your goals
  • Your peer mentors are someone you can trust for a listening ear, honest feedback, and non-judgmental support
  • Your peer mentors strive to minimize the stress, anxiety, and want to help you find a sense of belonging here science

Let’s meet

  • Send them an email
  • Connect with them through the Science Student Services office, Room S118 in the science concourse
  • Speak with them during their faculty hours
  • Stop them any time in the halls they are always willing to help you.