Magee House Residence


Magee Residence 

  • Building: for adult learners, graduate students, undergraduate students in their third year of undergraduate studies or later, or any students with children/families
  • Contract term: September 1 - April 30
  • Number of apartments: 101 unfurnished apartments (49 one-bedroom, 47 two-bedroom and 5 three-bedroom units)
  • Meal plan: optional
  • Year opened: 1970
  • House history: Magee House is named in honour of Frederick Magee, philanthropist and graduate of UNB who provided funding to start the Business Administration degree course.
  • Features: laundry facilities, in-house mailroom included in rent: internet, laundry, heat. 
Graduate Students will need to provide a COE (confirmation of enrollment) to be eligible for Magee. The COE covers the following periods:
  • Fall semester: September 1st until December 31st
  • Winter semester: January 1st until April 30th
  • Summer semester: May 1st to August 31st
  • Residence will allow students to move in one month before the date listed above that reflects the beginning of their courses. Therefore, if a student is enrolled for Fall, Residence will allow them to move into a suite on August 1st.
  • Students will be granted permission to remain in Magee over the summer semester with a COE for the following fall, as they retain their student status.