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Renaissance College takes the best aspects of a great tradition and combines them with new and exciting methods of education. Based on the Oxford-Cambridge mentorship model, the degree bears the name of this tradition - Bachelor of Philosophy. Core principles such as small class sizes, discussion based learning, the socratic method and mentoring relationships with faculty remain from the English school tradition. The emerging field of leadership studies has been incorporated into this tradition to meet the requirements of today's leaders; the program uses hands-on, social learning extensively and often places the opportunity for learning in students' hands through internships, community organization projects and other experiential learning projects.

This international program was Canada's first Leadership Studies Bachelor Program and features a challenging interdisciplinary curriculum, successful in helping students gain the knowledge, skills and abilities they need for careers in a wide variety of fields.

Helping students become leaders

Our philosophy is to help students become leaders in whatever career they choose.

Recognizing the need for skilled leaders in all sectors of our society, we foster strong academic development, practical leadership skills and critical thinking in a unique and comprehensive program.

Hands-on experience

The Canadian internship is arranged with an organization working in an area of student interest. For the international internship, students travel abroad in groups to one of several countries and volunteer with one of our partner organizations.

In addition to the internships, students also have opportunities to work with community organizations to make a real and profound impact during their degree.

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