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Minor program

Our minor program is designed for any student enrolled at UNB.

This program will help you build your leadership knowledge and skills, increase your capacity for innovation and deepen your understanding of society’s diversity and complexity.

Adding leadership studies to your degree will prepare you to meet future challenges and opportunities and will help you to become a leader in any sector, profession or location you choose to work or volunteer. All organizations and situations need people who know the fundamentals of leadership, so expand your options.


Students completing the Minor in Leadership Studies will be required to take 24ch of courses (minimum grade of C), including:

  • RCLP 1001 - Leadership Foundations (Required)
  • At least two of:
    • RCLP 1011 – Worldviews, Religion & Culture
    • RCLP 1062 – Citizenship & Community
    • RCLP 2001 - Practicing Leadership in Community Projects
  • At least 9ch of RCLP courses at the 3000 or 4000 level
  • With approval of the College Coordinator, up to 6ch of courses from other faculties with relevant leadership content may also be counted towards the certificate.

 Minor in leadership studies checklist.