Lauren Rogers

Lauren Rogers

As an athlete through middle and high school, I was looking for ways to keep active once I finished playing sports. I always enjoyed being active, playing and listening to music and dancing. As such, teaching fitness felt like a natural progression. I have been an instructor now for 25+ years and still love teaching to this day.

Teaching style

Regardless of the style of class I teach, the priorities are safety, fun, and balanced. I focus on providing as many cues as possible to help each participant have an effective workout with great form. Musically, you’ll see a blend of classic rock and pop music, however, this changes based on the style of class.


  • Happy Hearts Fitness
  • Step Class
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Strength & Conditioning (HIIT, TRX, Group Rx RIP, WOW)
  • Cardio Sculpt
  • Core Strength
  • Deep Water Aquafitness


  • Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education in Sport Science
  • Master of Arts in Sport & Recreation Administration
  • Fitness New Brunswick Course Conductor, Mentor & Evaluator
    • Indoor Cycling
    • Group Fitness
    • Aquatic Fitness
    • Portable Equipment
    • Older Adult (Evaluator & Mentor)
  • AQX Trainer
  • Additional Training: Kettlebell Essentials & Zumba