Kristen MacIntosh

Kristen MacIntosh

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and I teach Pilates at Reds Recreation. Though I teach Pilates now, I began my teaching journey instructing dance, and it was there that I found my voice and the confidence to instruct others.

Then, after a few years of taking Pilates lessons, I was encouraged to become a Pilates instructor myself. Though I was younger than my colleagues, I knew I had the passion and knowledge to make a positive impact on others, which was why I knew I needed to become an instructor.

I truly love instructing Pilates and each lesson I teach creates a possibility to have a positive impact on someones day, which is why it is so meaningful to me! Since becoming involved in fitness I have also become a certified personal trainer (CSEP-CPT), which has helped expand my knowledge even further.

Teaching style

While classes are in a group format, I always try to ensure that all aspects of the class can be progressed and regressed. I try to ensure that classes are as accessible as possible to all participants. I am always very kind and welcoming to everyone, and I believe that that transfers over well into my teaching! I also enjoy using props when I can to create new experiences in class and trying new and exciting exercises with all of my classes.


  • Mat Pilates
  • Pilates Strong
  • Reformer Training


  • pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology through UNB and will be heading in to my fourth year this fall.
  • Pilates level one (mat) certification through Body Harmonics
  • Certified personal trainer (CSEP-CPT)