Jacob Pevie

Jacob Pevie

My name is Jacob Pevie, and I am 23 years old and going into my final semester at UNB as an undergraduate in Kinesiology (BScKin). I originally graduated from UNB with a Bachelor in Science majoring in Biology (BSc) in 2021 surpassing many challenges faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was around this time that I injured my shoulder and sought physiotherapy for the first time. Upon receiving physio treatment and already having a passion for exercise, I thought that kinesiology could be a way to help others with their health and remain in a field I am passionate about.

After volunteering in different classes here at REDS Recreation and in nursing homes around Fredericton, I realized I am passionate about helping seniors gain mobility, strength, balance, and an overall increase in general health.

Teaching style

I like to foster a fun and social environment for all members in each of the classes I am a part of. Having classes that members can socialize in, have fun, and even joke around with the instructors helps maintain a certain level of enjoyment for all participants.

However, there is no shortage of work put in, as an instructor I encourage all members to push themselves and progress at their own level in each class.


  • APEX Cardiac Rehab
  • Silver Strength and Balance


  • Undergraduate degree in science with a major in biology (BSc)
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree in kinesiology (BScKin)
  • Certified personal trainer (CSEP-CPT) with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology