Beth O’Donnell

Beth O’Donnell

Fitness has always been an essential part of my life. My healthy lifestyle started from a young age, from attending aerobics classes with my mother to growing up active through various sports, recreation, and fitness activities.

As an adult, indoor cycling and yoga became part of my weekly routine, complementing regular weight training and conditioning. Friends had always encouraged me to share these experiences, and eventually, I followed their advice and started navigating my way through teacher training.

Whether it's riding to the beat of the music, rolling your mat, or moving some weights, my goal is for students to leave class feeling better when they arrived and with a smile.

Teaching style

I want everyone who comes to one of my classes to have fun and feel like they have had a workout.  Each class incorporates functional fitness movements, even if they don't know it.  These movements will help the participants find ease in everyday life. Whether they are in the pool or in the studio each movement has a purpose. 


  • Indoor Cycling
  • AQX Aquafit
  • Yoga
  • Strength training and cardio-based style classes


  • Fitness NB Certifications
    • Exercise Theory
    • Indoor Cycling
    • Portable Equipment
    • Kettlebell Essentials
  • Yoga Certifications
    • Vinyasa
    • Yin Yoga
    • Yoga For Athletes
    • Yoga for Seniors
    • Chair Yoga
  • AQX Aqua Fitness
  • TRX Trainer