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Funding for the Master of Nursing program

Students are encouraged to seek funding for their education and for their research from outside agencies.

Funding sources

Students seeking funding are encouraged to consult with the Director of Graduate Studies regarding potential sources.

The New Brunswick Nurses Union and the Canadian Nurses Foundation have been sources of funding for Masters of Nursing students as well as many other specialty groups who support advanced education and research in specific areas.

The Canadian Nurses Foundation publishes a directory of sources, which is available at the Graduate Studies office.

Project funding

From time to time, individual faculty members may have funding for Research Assistants associated with particular projects. If the faculty member’s research topics are related to a student’s thesis topic or interests, the RAs may be awarded to students for research work which forms the basis of the student’s thesis.

In other cases, there may be opportunities for students to gain research experience. Full-time students hired as non-thesis related RAs may not exceed 10 hours per week of employment.

Indigenous Health Research Masters Studentship in Nursing

The Faculty of Nursing at the University of New Brunswick is pleased to announce the offering of 1 Studentship to be awarded to an Indigenous nurse who is interested in undertaking a Masters Degree in Nursing. The competition is open as of December 9th, 2019. The purpose of the studentship program is to provide financial support to individuals who are interested in nursing research that focuses on promoting strength, resilience, and/or wellbeing in Indigenous communities.

Duration: Two years

Value: $40,000

Apply by January 15, 2021

Award consideration for full-time students

Full-time applicants who receive funding and are admitted prior to March 1 will also be considered for Magee Awards and for the Board of Governor Merit Awards.

Several Graduate Teaching Assistantships are available each term. Recipients will work a maximum of 10 hours/week supporting a professor/instructor with an undergraduate class.

Graduate employment opportunities

The School of Graduate Studies shares job opportunities (including research and teaching assistantships) with students by email. MN students in the thesis/report stream are able to seek employment for 10 hours per week.

Scholarships and awards

Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick/Dr. Jed B. Sutherland Bursary

Awarded to a full-time or part-time student in the MN program studying in the area of Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementias.

Awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement and community service. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate a clear plan for how the outcome of their studies will benefit the care of patients and families with Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementias. If no candidate is eligible, the bursary will not be awarded. 

Donor: Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick.
Duration: one year (renewable)
Value: $1000

Apply by June 1

Cutler Nursing Scholarship

Criteria for selection:

  • Full or part-time MN student
  • Working or previously worked in the Mental Health Nursing Field
  • Intending to work in the Mental Health Nursing field in the future
  • Scholastic achievement

Value: Variable ($8,500 for 2020-2021)

Apply by June 1

Helen Gibson Memorial Scholarship

Available to full or part time MN students who have graduated from the UNB baccalaureate program. Financial need is a consideration.

Duration: one year
Value: 2 @ $500.00 or 1 @ $1000.00

Apply by June 1

Jane Stikeman Ekers Scholarship

The impetus for this scholarship is twofold:

  1. recognition of the significant role nurses make to caring for individuals and families and
  2. the desire to support preparation of nurse educators.

Criteria for awarding this scholarship are academic excellence, contribution to the profession of nursing, and financial need.

Donor: The family of Jane Stikeman Ekers
Duration: one year
Value: Variable ($1,000 to $2,000 per year)

Apply by June 1

Julianna K. MacLeod Scholarship

Preference is given to full-time or part-time student enrolled in the Masters and/or Doctoral Nursing Progam. Recipients must be registered with the Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB).

Duration: one year
Value: $500.00

Apply now

Linda Nice Graduate Scholarship in nursing

Awarded every second year (2016, 2018). Open to full-time or part-time Master of Nursing students who are New Brunswick Residents, registered or eligible for registration with the NANB, and in financial need.

Donor: Linda Nice
Duration: one year
Value: $750.00

Apply by June 1

Loris Jean (Jonah) Miller Memorial Scholarship

Awarded on the basis of academic excellence and financial need to a resident of New Brunswick who is accepted for full-time or part-time study in the Nursing Graduate Program.

Preference will be given to a mature student studying in the field of Nursing Education and who has demonstrated knowledge, experience and commitment to helping others.

Donor: Family and Friends of the late Loris Jean (Jonah) Miller and the New Brunswick University Opportunities.
Duration: one year
Value: $750.00

Apply by June 1

Monnex/NANB Scholarship

Available to students enrolled in the UNB MN program on either a full and part time basis. Criteria for awarding this scholarship include academic excellence and involvement in professional activities.

Duration: one year
Value: 2 @ $1250.00

Apply by June 1

NANB Scholarship

Available to students enrolled in the UNB MN program on either a full and part time basis registered with NANB. Criteria for awarding this scholarship includes Financial Need.

Duration: one year
Value: $5000.00

Apply by June 1

Shirley MacLeod Scholarship

Available to a full or part-time MN student who is working, or has previously worked in prenatal, perinatal, postpartal or neonatal nursing. Scholastic attainment is an important consideration.

Applicants must intend to continue to work with expectant and/or new families, and preference will be given to those who hold a student or full-time membership in the Association for Women's Health Obstetric and Neonatal (AWOHNN).

Donor: Shirley MacLeod
Duration: one year
Value: $3,000.00

Apply by June 1

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