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Centre for Recreation and Sport in Society

Serving organizations, communities and individuals

The Centre for Recreation and Sport in Society (CRSS) consists of an international network of researchers, educators and practitioners active in the study and practice of recreation and sport to:

  • Promote learning, critical thinking and innovation in recreation and sport through an international multi-disciplinary team
  • Conduct high-quality research on a variety of contemporary issues relevant to recreation and sport in society
  • Engage with organizations and communities to meet their needs by providing advisory, problem solving and/or event services
  • Provide our students with hands on management experience in all aspects of CRSS operations, strategic planning, finance, corporate partnerships and innovation activity.

We are a part of the UNB Faculty of Kinesiology, and based in the New Kinesiology Building, which will open in fall 2018. 

An inclusive and growing global network

We aim to become an internationally recognized network of stakeholders in recreation and sport, with a significant impact on communities, organizations and individuals through recreation and sport knowledge dissemination, networking and cultural exchange.

Recreation and sports organizations

We help recreation and sport organizations, students and academic researchers and teachers with a wide range of services, education and events.

CRSS can conduct research projects specific to your organization’s needs. We can advise on what research can be conducted to help you in your decision-making. We also offer innovation labs and applied research projects.

Education programs  


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in recreation and sport, a need for education and training in recreation and/or sport, or with expertise that can contribute to our programs and events.

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CRSS director: Dr. Terri Byers