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Your career options with this program

This degree program prepares you for a broad range of careers in the environment and natural resource sectors. The following is a list of positions our recent graduates hold:

  • Watershed manager
  • Protected areas manager
  • Wildlife biologist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Climate change mitigation officer
  • Environmental policy analyst
  • Environmental sociologist or economist
  • Environmental protection specialist
  • Land use planner
  • Hydrogeologist

Our students gain employment with a wide range of organizations across Canada:

  • Federal/provincial departments of environment & natural resources
  • Environmental non-profit organizations
  • Community watershed associations
  • Environmental consulting firms
  • Forest and natural resources industries

#WorkTheSummer - Environment & Natural Resources

The ENR degree provides the best opportunity for a career in the environment and natural resource sector — not only after graduation but also throughout the program. As an ENR student, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable experiences, build your network and earn a great salary during the summer months. Ninety-five per cent of our students have gained career relevant summer employment earning between $10-$20,000 per summer.

“I started in arts and the summer jobs I got were cooking in a restaurant and working at TreeGO, which were fine experiences but this is in my field, it pays exceptionally well and it's experience.”

- Cody, ForEM student working his third summer for J.D. Irving, Limited as a pre-commercial thinning supervisor.

“I do a lot of different work, including fish tagging and tracking (I don't physically tag the fish) electrofishing, equipment deployment, report writing, habitat mapping, river water surveys and some lab work.  It's pretty awesome being outside on the boat every day”.

- Adam Archibald, ForEM student working for the Canadian Rivers Institute as a summer field technician.

Environment & Natural Resources offers many exciting summer employment paths in the natural resource sector including:

  • Aquatic monitor
  • Rabies coordinator
  • Environmental impact assessor
  • Pre-commercial thinning supervisor

Our students are gaining valuable experiences during the summer working across the country doing everything from working at the Conservation Council of New Brunswick on a Fredericton-wide community capacity assessment of citizen’s ability to adjust to change, to working with the Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study helping the Canadian Rivers Institute determine the future of the Mactaquac Dam, to interning for the Medway Community Forest Co-op based in Caledonia, Queen's County, N.S.

At UNB we are dedicated to ensuring you become career-ready. Our staff will train you to prepare your resume and interview with potential employers. You will have many opportunities to gain career-relevant summer employment that suits your interests.

Our student services officer maintains a dynamic job board that lists hundreds of summer and career job vacancies in the natural resource sector and also arranges for numerous organizations from across Canada to do on-campus interviews with our students for summer and career employment.