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Hire a UNB co-op student 

Our students are ambitious, competent and eager to apply their knowledge in a professional work environment. They understand the importance of gaining valuable hands-on industry experience and are highly motivated to learn from leaders in their fields of study.

If you need additional help with projects, hope to vet prospective full-time employees, or simply wish to share your expertise and guidance with the next generation, hiring a UNB co-op student is a win-win. 

Hiring co-op students is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Post a co-op job in our job bank with a starting date of early May, September or January.  
  2. Interview the candidates early. 
  3. Hire the successful candidate(s) for a co-op work term.  

Post co-op jobs

Co-op jobs are posted to the ExperienceUNB job bank. Gain a hiring advantage by posting jobs up to eight months in advance. There is no deadline for posting a job, but more students are available to apply when jobs are posted earlier.

Hiring can continue right up until the start of the work term. Each 4-month work term must be at least 12-weeks long but no more than 16-weeks in length for full-time, discipline-related employment. 

  • Post co-op jobs to ExperienceUNB job bank up to eight months in advance.
  • There are no deadlines for posting jobs.
  • You can hire right up until the start of the work term.


Use our modern and professional offices as a prime location for conducting interviews. We offer comfortable meeting spaces, state-of-the art technology and a welcoming ambiance. Our offices provide the ideal setting for employers and candidates to engage in productive and successful interviews.

Our convenient location and well-equipped facilities ensure a seamless interview process. From initial introductions to final negotiations, our offices set the stage for a positive and professional interviewing experience for students and employers. 

Co-op work terms

The overall length of co-op employment can vary depending on the program and the employer's requirements. Typically, co-op employment ranges from 4 to 16 months, in 4-month work term intervals.

Shorter employment provides students with a brief but intensive experience in a specific role, while longer employment allows for more in-depth project involvement and skill development.

The flexibility in employment experiences allows students to tailor their co-op work terms to their academic schedule and career goals, gaining valuable real-world knowledge while progressing towards their degree. 

Andrew Mutch, B.Sc Mechanical Engineering, Class of ’86

The co-op program is a win for everyone involved. For Michelin, we get the opportunity to work with students with fresh ideas and the latest skills to help us solve real challenges, and find new talent that matches our needs. Engineering students receive real life experience and hands-on training which helps them better understand the field and help advance their careers. Finally, it helps universities stay close to the needs and challenges faced by the companies that will be employing their graduates. It’s a win-win-win for everyone!

Develop your brand awareness on campus 

We encourage you to participate in events on campus or online as much as possible to increase your visibility with our students and faculty. The more they know about you, the more excited they are about working with you. 

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