Media transfer

We're passionate about audiovisual media

Our media transfer service specializes in high quality digitization of audiovisual media collections. We are a dedicated facility, focused on preservation of your media, with a no-frills approach to each project. 

Your media is handled and stored safely and professionally throughout our entire digitization process. We ensure that the final product and their media is digitized in a way that will satisfy both your current needs while withstanding the future tests of time.

If you have audio or video in a file format that you can't open or play on your computer we can help you with the transcoding of that format to make it playable on your device.

How we digitize audio and video

We digitize many different audio and video formats: standard analog cassette and vinyl records, VHS, Laser discs, Mini DV, Digital 8, Hi8 and HDV.

A quality audio conversion begins with the proper preparation. We first inspect, then clean and repack any audio tape recording to insure that your tape is in good condition and tracks properly. Disk recordings are thoroughly cleaned with professional methods to the remove dust, dirt and mold.

Our focus is to digitize every video project, no matter the size, at the highest quality possible within a reasonable budget. We use the best legacy playback decks made, rebuilt from the ground up. We use professional electronic signal processing and measurement tools to digitize over 40 different formats and variants of video and ensure your videotape is digitized at its best.  

We are able to assist you with:

  • Analog to digital
  • Video capture
  • Audio capture
  • Slide scanning
  • Physical to iCloud

Conversion corner

Two computers are connected to a variety of audio and video devices with software to capture and convert your work as a hard copy CD/DVD or a digital file. Work can be done by you for free, or by one of our staff with a per/job charge.

See the Media Lab Price List for an indication on fees. Contact for more information and turnaround times.

NOTE: Aside from your originals, you will likely need storage in the form of a USB key or an external hard drive to take away any converted digital files (video files are especially large).