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Undergraduate history programs

Our programs offer a tremendous range of courses in regard to theme, time period and geography. Learn from our knowledgeable instructors, who are focused on excellence in teaching.

Our courses do not simply recite the “facts”; we present dynamic encounters with the past through examining original documents, current scholarship and aspects of experiential learning.

Undergraduate courses

History   Classics and Ancient History

Studying history is excellent preparation for careers and studies in fields such as:

  • education
  • law
  • public history
  • heritage
  • library science
  • information studies
  • museum studies

Current course offerings

You can enroll in history courses to fulfil your general Arts BA requirement, and as electives within a variety of degree programs. You can also focus more specifically on the discipline itself. We offer three distinctive undergraduate programs:

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Honours in history (single or joint)

This seminar-based program is intended for high-achieving students.

We encourage you to apply if you:

  • are in your second year
  • have completed a minimum of 6ch in foundation (2000) courses
  • have a B+ average in your history courses

If you’re interested in discussing or applying to the honours program, reach out to the director of honours, who will be happy to answer questions about program requirements, course selection and post-degree opportunities.

For the regulations see the history honours requirements in the academic calendar.

Major in history (single or double)

A major in history develops skills in critical analysis and effective communication.

If you intend to declare a major in history (single or double), you should do so by the end of the second year of your BA program. You must complete and sign a declaration during a meeting with the Director of Majors and Minors, Dr. Matthew Sears.

See the specific program requirements in the academic calendar.

Minor in history

If you are a student in another faculty, choosing a history minor develops their analytical and communication skills.

If you are interested in completing a minor in history, contact the Director of Majors and Minors, Dr. Matthew Sears, who will answer any questions. For the regulations, consult the academic calendar.

If you are a student in another faculty, choosing a history minor will develop your analytical and communication skills.