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Double major

Students take a total of 30 credit hours chosen from required, recommended and elective courses as listed below. Students can complete the drama component of the double major over either three or four years, having entered the program in the first or second year of their studies.

Required courses for the double major: DRAM 1173, DRAM 2173, DRAM 2174, DRAM 2175, DRAM 3170, and either DRAM 4170 or both DRAM 4173 and DRAM 4174.

For the remaining 6 credit hours in the program, students can choose from a range of elective courses, with DRAM 3175 and ENGL 3877 recommended.

The recommended program of study is as follows:

Over years one and two, it is recommended that students take a total of either 9 ch or 12 ch of DRAM, drawn from DRAM 1173, DRAM 2173, DRAM 2174, DRAM 2175, as below. Courses may be taken in any order, except that students must have completed or be concurrently registered in DRAM 1173 or DRAM 2173 in order to take DRAM 2175.

Year one

  • ENGL/DRAM 1173 and either
  • ENGL/DRAM 2173 or ENGL/DRAM 2174

Year two

  • ENGL/DRAM 2173 (if not taken in 1st year)
  • ENGL/DRAM 2174 (if not taken in 1st year)
  • ENGL/DRAM 2175

Year three

  • ENGL/DRAM 3170

Year four

  • ENGL/DRAM 4170

The six credit hours of electives can be taken in any year. Students entering the program in the second year of their studies can take DRAM 1173 simultaneously with any 2000-level DRAM course. Students wishing to spread the work of DRAM 4170 across two different academic years can choose to take DRAM 4173 and DRAM 4174 in lieu of DRAM 4170.

Recommended electives

  • DRAM 3175
  • ENGL 3877

Other electives

  • ENGL 2195, 2263, 3163, 3260, 3263, 3269
  • CCS 3123
  • CLAS 3403, 3413
  • FILM/MAAC 3981, 3998, 3999
  • FR 3684, 3884
  • MAAC 3101

Equivalent courses offered by St. Thomas University can also be used for the double major, with permission of the director of drama. Other courses, including some offerings in film, creative writing and music, can also be taken as electives, with the permission of the director of drama.

Students interested in the program are advised to consult the director of drama for further information.