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Recent graduates and MA in Economics reports

All student dissertations: UNB Scholar Research Depository

Student Thesis Year
Noel, Ayesha The influence of large shareholders on corporate governance through voice and exit 2017
Zhao, Xiangyu The evidence and mechanism of the middle income trap 2017
Burina, Iuliia Economic consequences of floods in Maritime provinces 2017
Getalo, Viktor Socio-economic determinants of electricity prices in New Brunswick 2017
Shcherbakov, Dmitry Decomposing the gender wage gap 2017
Zhou, Jingya The analysis on trade effect of China-ASEAN free trade agreement-based on the gravity model 2017
Bi, Ran Income and happiness 2017
Peng, Saibiao What is the relationship between industry, occupation, and body weight in Canada? 2017
Xia, Mingjin The impact of population aging on per capita consumption in China 2016
Pelletier, Rachelle The impact of English-French bilingualism on wages in Canada 2016
Carleton, Danika The economic impact of the ICT sector 2016
Yang, Wudi The impact of income on the health of Chinese residents 2016
Thomas, Anu Home ownership as a means to retain immigrants in Atlantic Canada 2016
Liu, Yunlu Can distribution services cost explains home bias in trade? 2016
Wang, Haorui The healthy immigrant effect 2016
Huang, Fei International trade and the border effect between Canada and United States 2016
Zhang, Quanxin Risk factors associated with alcohol abuse in Canada 2016
El Armali, Jafar Long-run unemployment 2016
Nesterova, Iuliia Economic consequences of climate change impacts 2016
Zhang, Yifeng Exploring the relationship between stock prices and exchange rates in North America and China 2016
Qi, Chen A dynamic model on advertising level and product quality 2016
Ma, Liang The impact of regional age structure on entrepreneurship in Canada 2016
Zeng, Fanye Factors that influence the likelihood of smoking initiation in Canada 2016
Liu, Hongjin The relationship between education and health in Canada 2015
Kozun, Olga Declining labour share in United States and Canada 2015
Kosenchuk, Sergiy Evolutionary dynamics of precipitation in Atlantic Canada 2015
Zhou, Xiaochen Economic impact of utilization of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the province of New Brunswick 2015
Calhoun, John What predicts skills mismatch in Canada? 2015
Olalekan, Adio Impaired driving 2015
Bi, Wenjing Working in self-employment 2015