Fee descriptions

All fees are mandatory but may not apply to all types of students.

Tuition and program fees

If you have been admitted into the intensive practicum stream of the UNB ABA credit on-campus program, a ABA practicum supplemental fee will apply by course in addition to regular tuition. The supplemental fee will be used to offset the costs of delivery and supervision responsibilities for the practicum completion requirement.

A BBA Program Fee of $550 per year ($275 per fall and winter term) is used to provide academic and professional support services to BBA students, and to fund the operations and activities of the Business Administration Undergraduate Society (BAUS).

Bachelor of Education students are charged an additional fee to cover the administrative costs associated with the practical component of their program. This fee is applied at the beginning of their program.

Engineering students pay a differential fee for each semester of tuition charged. This fee assists in the purchase of engineering-specific lab equipment and facilities.

If you are registered for the HSCI Practicum, a supplemental fee will be charged in addition to regular tuition. The supplemental fee will be used by UNB and Horizon Health Network to offset the costs of delivery and supervision responsibilities for the practicum completion requirement.

Full-time students enrolled for both fall and winter terms can choose to pay their tuition and fees in two installments -- at the start of the fall and winter semesters -- rather than in one lump sum at the beginning of the academic year. Because this payment plan requires two financial transactions instead of one, students will be charged an additional processing fee in the fall term. Please note that although this fee is expressed in the tuition and fee estimates, it only applies to those who pay in two installments. (Graduate students are exempt from this fee.) This fee has been eliminated for the New Student tuition rates.

Full-time students who are not Canadian citizens or landed immigrants are required to pay a differential fee because their education is not subsidized through the federal or provincial government. Students who receive landed immigrant status will have their differential fees adjusted for the term in which the landed status occurs.

Law students are charged a differential fee to cover special costs associated with this professional program. This fee in part funds the scholarships and bursaries awarded to students in this program. This fee is now included in the tuition fee in the New Student tuition rates.

The Nursing Program Fee is a fee used to enhance the educational and extracurricular experiences of nursing students in the 4-year BN program at the Fredericton site and 2-year BNASP at the Moncton site. This fee supports student travel to conferences, membership in Canadian Nursing Students Association, academic resources for students, and supplementary operating budget for student-organized activities.

All online course offerings will have a non-refundable technology fee applied to them. This fee is used to assist with the additional technical and administrative support required for online courses.

Tuition fees cover the cost of instruction, regular examinations, university libraries, creative arts, and varsity/campus athletics. Part-time students pay pro-rated fees per course up to a maximum of two courses a term.

Students participating in a co-op program or a professional experience program (PEP) in engineering will be required to pay a fee for each regular academic term that falls within this work period.

Mandatory fees

For each term in which they are enrolled, students are charged an improvement fee that provides funds to renew university facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, buildings and infrastructure at UNB. These funds may be put toward projects like improving electrical and ventilation systems; repairing or replacing building components such as roofs, windows and classrooms; renovating or purchasing items such as auditorium seats and laboratory fume hoods; and servicing infrastructure needs such as water pipes and roadways.

The Facility Access Fee is a license fee which provides students the right of access and use of all the recreational facilities within campus including the Currie Center. Facility access and usage includes: cardio & strength training room, recreational gymnasiums, pool, squash courts, indoor walking and jogging track, changing room with day‐use lockers, noon hour skating (at the Aitken University Centre) as well as facility usage in all non-ice intramural sports and the majority of group fitness classes. As an added benefit, members are also entitled to discounted prices for instructional programs and the services of the Sun Life Financial Fitness Assessment Centre.

This fee will provide both a student contribution towards the annual operating cost of the Currie Center and towards the expanded Campus Recreation program.

This fee provides services around centralized student success initiatives, student learning accessibility support, financial aid, academic coaching, and a Student Assistance Program. The Student Assistance Program is available 24 hour per day, 365 days per year, providing services such as: health support, in-person or remote mental health couselling, academic and career counselling, nutrition counselling, legal counselling, financial counselling, online wellness courses and content, live group coaching on wellness, etc.

UNB Fredericton undergraduate students voted to establish a student funded bursary, to support students in financial need. All full-time Fredericton undergraduate students contribute $5.00 per term towards the Student Union Bursary. The bursary is awarded based on financial need to full-time Fredericton undergraduate students who have experienced unforeseen hardships and/or financial burdens. The recipients must be Student Union members and demonstrate successful academic performance. For more information, and how to apply, see UNB Financial Aid.

Each term students are charged a technology fee, which was first introduced in 2002 to help offset the cost of updating and purchasing technological resources used by the university community. These resources include computer stations, web kiosks, digital projectors, wireless internet support, etc.

Effective Fall 2009, all full-time undergraduate and graduate students are charged a wellness fee for the fall and winter terms. This fee helps offset the costs associated with the provision of health services on campus, and it will provide new programming opportunities for health education and promotion.

All International students must have health insurance. See International Health Insurance for more information on insurance rates and policies.

Student organization fees

*Effective Fall 2021, part-time students are no longer charged this fee, and are charged the Student Union Fee

All part-time undergraduate students at UNB Fredericton are assessed a fee that helps support the Adult Learners and Part-time Students group, which represents this section of the student body, organizes social functions for its members and runs a scholarship and bursary program open to all part-time students enrolled on the Fredericton campus.

Undergraduate students are charged a fee that supports UNB's two campus-community radio stations: CHSR FM (UNB Fredericton) and CFMH FM (formerly CRSJ, UNB Saint John). These non-profit campus-community radio stations serve students, faculty and staff of the university, as well as the local population, by providing access to the public airwaves to promote free artistic, cultural, and socio-political expression by members of the community. To learn more about these stations, see the CHSR and CFMH.

New students who enroll at UNB during the first year following their high school graduation are charged a first-year orientation fee, which covers the cost of student union orientation activities. This fee is $80.00 for Fredericton students, and $40.00 for Saint John students.

All graduate students are charged a mandatory Graduate Student Association (GSA) fee. This fee supports the activities of the GSA, which offers many services to UNB graduate students, including bar and cafe services, student advocacy, political activism, and more. For more information about this organization and its role in graduate student life, see the University of New Brunswick Graduate Student Association.

All full-time graduate students who are Canadian citizens and permanent are automatically enrolled in supplementary health and dental plans administered through the Graduate Student Association. To find out more about these plans and how to opt out of them, see the Graduate Student Association.

Effective September 2009, full-time graduate students registered at the UNB Fredericton campus will be charged a U-Pass fee for the fall and winter terms. This fee covers the cost of a universal bus pass that enables students to use the municipal transit system.

Full-time undergraduate students attending the Saint John campus are charged a mandatory Students’ Representative Council fee at the beginning of the fall and winter terms. This fee funds a wide array of student-related services and events, including SafeRide, Clubs & Societies and maintaining student life on campus. It also funds the operations of the Students’ Representative Council, by allowing its representatives to bring the voices of students to all levels of government, and conduct all administrative matters.

Full-time and part-time undergraduate students are charged a mandatory Student Union fee at the beginning of the fall and winter terms. This fee funds a variety of student-related services and events, like SafeRide and Book Buy & Sell; it also funds the operation of the Student Union, which is responsible for representing the student body in administrative matters and promoting student rights. To learn more about these services and to view the latest Student Union budget, see the UNB Student Union. Prior to Fall 2021, part-time students were charged the Adult Learner Part Time Fee (ALPS Fee).

All full-time undergraduate students who are Canadian citizens and permanent residents are automatically enrolled in supplementary health and dental plans administered through the UNB Student Union. To find out more about these plans and how to opt out of them, see the UNB Student Union.

Undergraduate students are charged a fee that funds the university's two student newspapers: The Brunswickan (UNB Fredericton), Canada's oldest student publication, and The Baron (UNB Saint John).