Jeremy is a fourth year Media Arts & Cultures student with a concentration in film.

What does #OnlyHere mean to you?

For me #OnlyHere celebrates the strong relationships I’ve formed because of UNB’s unique atmosphere and being in the Media Arts & Cultures program.

This is where I want to spend my four years

During my first two years at UNB I was in the kinesiology program. Although I loved the program and experience I had, I realized it wasn’t the best fit for me. I originally considered dropping out because I didn’t think I had many options, but the accessibility centre told me about the possibility of getting a film degree, which interested me. I sat down with a former prof. and we talked for an hour about image composition. In that moment I thought, “This is what I want to do, this is where I want to spend my four years.” After that conversation I switched into the Media Arts & Cultures program.

I think "gem" is a good way to describe the program because it’s a really interesting and unique experience. There’s a real balance of production versus critical thought and it’s much more than just a fine arts program.

Everybody knows everybody

In my program I've built relationships with classmates, professors, faculty and staff that will continue to benefit me for years to come, both professionally and personally. I don’t think I would’ve been able to form the same type of relationships if I wasn’t at UNB. Everything is so close, everybody knows everybody and since we’re a smaller program we have the opportunity to collaborate with other programs and faculties. Where else can you do that?

If you compare UNB to other universities across the country, you’re not going to get the same level of commitment and understanding from your peers, faculty and staff. UNB’s atmosphere allows for the kinds of connections and conversations that will continue forever and I think #OnlyHere represents that.

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