Danielle is UNB’s Sustainability Coordinator, a 2007 Bachelor of Science graduate and a 2014 Master of Forestry graduate.

What does #OnlyHere mean to you?

To me #OnlyHere is about the welcoming and friendly environment at UNB and the opportunities available to build relationships.

I’m the first Sustainability Coordinator at UNB and have been working here for almost three years. Most aspects of sustainability at UNB Fredericton is coordinated by me, including student and faculty engagement, waste management, transportation, and climate change. It’s a big position with a lot of different aspects to it. It can be a daunting role but at the same time it fits my background and allows me to do work I really love.

UNB has a really welcoming and friendly vibe.

When I first came to UNB to complete my undergraduate degree I met people really quickly. I noticed right away that UNB has a really welcoming and friendly vibe. After graduating with an honours degree in biology, I contiuned my studies at UNB by completing my Master’s degree in Forestry.

The professors are amazing.

What I can say about my academic experience at UNB is that the professors are amazing. I think it would be difficult to have the same type of relationship with professors at a larger institution.

About a year after I graduated I started working as the Sustainability Coordinator. The relationships I made with my professors as a student opened up doors for me to work within faculties and engage with students in my role today. When I started working at UNB I already knew who was doing research around sustainability and environmental management and who would be a good partner for some of our projects.

Being on a small campus makes networking and finding individuals to champion our sustainability initiatives easier than it might be at a larger institution. We’ve had great support from senior administration and directors and have been able to build really strong community relationships.

We are here to help.

The people who really care about sustainability want to do something but aren’t always sure how; that’s where I come in. I want students and faculty to know that if they have ideas or want to become involved in sustainability initiatives the first thing they should do is reach out to us at UNB Sustainability because we are here to help.

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