Victoria works in the Development & Donor Relations Office, is a 2012 Renaissance College (RC) graduate, and is currently completing an honours degree in Anthropology part-time.

What does #OnlyHere mean to you?

To me #OnlyHere highlights the fact that at UNB there are so many opportunities you can create for yourself and resources available for you to define your own experience.

I think that the way you can combine opportunities here, like getting a film certificate and also an honours degree in anthropology is really unique. In arts we all have different paths but at the end of the day we’ll all graduate with the same degree. I don’t know that other academic institutions allow you the latitude that UNB does and I think that’s a real asset. Some people think there’s less value in a degree where you study Latin and Media Arts, but I don’t think that’s true. 

It’s not just a classroom, it’s a community.

The learning experience at UNB is also very personal. All of your profs know your name and you can develop a relationship with them in and out of the classroom. At RC specifically, it’s not just a classroom it’s a community. The approach to learning is very Socratic because you’re allowed to challenge ideas so not only is your knowledge expanded but so is your character. I really liked having those open discussions and being able to challenge myself and others in a supportive environment. Even in my arts classes there are opportunities for discussions where you can share your perspective, learn from others, and have your voice heard, and I think that’s a unique feature of UNB and the Fredericton community.

A place for your voice to be heard

Fredericton is such a charming and diverse place with many thriving communities and scenes. There are so many opportunities to have a voice in whatever it is you’re interested in being a part of.

For me #OnlyHere is the intersection of educational diversity, opportunities in the community, and a place for your voice to be heard; a place to have a wholesome and vibrant four years, or longer, experience.

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