Erin is the Manager of the student recruitment office on UNB’s Saint John campus and a 2009 Bachelor of Business Administration graduate.

What does #OnlyHere mean to you?

To me #OnlyHere is about the relationships you can build at UNB and knowing that there are people here who are really supporting you and cheering you on.

In the recruitment office we work with prospective students across Canada who are interested in UNB and we speak about our own experiences and hopefully make them as enthusiastic about UNB as we are.

I feel like I’ve lived the experience that I now share with future students. I started at UNB as a business student and have been here ever since.

It doesn’t have to be a linear process.

When I was in high school I had this perception that you went to university then got a job and it was a very linear process. What I realized when I came to UNB is that you have so many options. UNB is a great place because within our university you have different routes and avenues that you can explore. It doesn’t have to be a linear process. You have so many diverse options available to you and its okay to change your mind and try different things.

I love the relationships and connections I’ve made.

It’s a pretty cool experience to meet a grade 12 student in the fall and help them figure out the options they have, and then see them here the next September taking part in orientation and starting classes. It’s rewarding to know that maybe you helped shape their experience and get them here. I love the relationships and connections I’ve made with students and getting to be a small point in their journey.

To me, relationships and people are a huge part of what #OnlyHere means. Particularly on the Saint John campus, we’re a small, close knit group and there’s a real sense of community. You know so many people from students to staff and faculty and its nice knowing that everyone is interconnected and that there are so many people supporting you.