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Introducing 'UNB is here'

We're excited to introduce a new advertising concept this fall. ‘UNB is here’ is an integrated marketing strategy that unifies our storytelling through a people-focused, impact-driven lens. We can't wait to share how UNB faculty, staff, students and alumni are making an impact on our world - both locally and globally.

Telling your UNB story

  • Web and social media
  • Brand resources
  • Design & creative services
  • Integrated marketing services
  • Analytics

Need additional help?

Our team is here to provide strategic guidance and support for all of your Communications and Marketing needs!

Integrated marketing support

We can provide creative support as well as integrated program support that includes a mix of marketing, digital, creative and communications strategies. We can help you set specific, measurable goals for your projects and provide advice on how to establish successful strategies and tactics for your audience. Additionally, we can help you allocate resources and budget effectively and evaluate success.

Social media support

We can provide advice on social media guidelines, trends and best practices that will help form your social media strategies, campaigns and messaging. We are also here to help tell your story! If you have a content idea for an existing UNB social media account, we'd love to hear it.

Communications support

We offer a wide range of communications resources that celebrate UNB’s outstanding work and academic reputation. We provide support and expertise to promote relevant research, academic programming and viewpoints, and campus activities and events. We can help tell your stories that will excite and engage your targeted audiences on local, regional and national levels.

  • Share your news with the UNB community
  • Content creation to help tell your story
  • Media relations and media training
  • Strategic communications planning
  • Event promotion and speaking notes
  • Public relations - Crisis and issue management

UNB marketing blog

Updates, tips and tricks from your university marketers

9 things to remember when asking for web updates

Updating your UNB website is as simple as emailing But sometimes we can end up exchanging more emails than necessary. Here are nine tips to make the process more efficient for all involved.

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8 simple steps for building a powerful marketing plan

Do you have a goal for your initiative or event, but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen? A marketing plan can help! Follow these 8 simple steps and build a plan that will get results.

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UNB Marketing Office wins Educational Advertising Awards

UNB marketing office wins five educational advertising awards from the 35th Annual Educational Advertising Awards.

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How to create content people will share

If we want something to become popular, we need to get people talking about it. So how do we create content that’s worth sharing?

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Shooting a selfie video for Instagram

Creating a selfie video is a lot of fun! But if you want your video to go viral, you need to make sure it looks good. And we've got just the tips and tricks to help you do that.

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