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  • Patrick Bergeron, PhD - French 
  • Jeffery Brown, PhD - History 
  • Robert Gray, PhD - English (Creative Writing) & Film 
  • Anette Guse, PhD - Culture and Media Studies 
  • Sophie Lavoie, PhD - Culture and Media Studies 
  • Sabine LeBel, PhD - Culture and Media Studies
  • Randall Martin, PhD - English 
  • Tony Merzetti - NB Film Makers' Co-Op 
  • Tony Myatt, PhD - Economics 
  • Scott Preston, PhD - Culture and Media Studies ADVISOR
  • Allan Reid, PhD - Culture and Media Studies 
  • Brent Wilson, PhD - Gregg Centre for War and Society

General Information

The Film Studies Minor offers students from all faculties the opportunity to study film (and video) from a variety of perspectives, including theory, history, and analysis, as well as a range of topics around national cinemas and genres, among others. In addition, students have the opportunity to study film from creative and practical perspectives in production and other practice-driven courses as well as creative writing for the screen. For details of courses and requirements, see below.


Admission to the Film Studies Minor is open to students from any Faculty who have completed 30 ch towards a degree. Students should contact the Advisor for the Film Studies Minor for program approval and advising. Students are encouraged to begin the Minor in the second year of their program.

Program of Study

The Minor consists of 24 credit hours, approved by the Advisor. Of these 24 ch, FILM/MAAC 2022 “The Art of Film,” FILM/ENGL 2909 “International Film History,” and FILM/ENGL 3903 “Film Theory” are required, and at least 12 ch must be at the upper level. Students must take approved courses from at least 3 different disciplines, including ENGL, FILM, FR, HIST, MAAC, and CCS.

Courses will be selected from the following list. Additional courses may be counted towards the Minor subject with the approval of the Advisor.


ECON 2009 Understanding Economics through Film 


ENGL 2263 Shakespeare and Film
ENGL 3183 Creative Writing: Screenwriting for Short Formats
ENGL 3186 Creative Writing: Feature Screenplay
ENGL 3905 The City in Cinema
ENGL 3907 Film Genre
ENGL 3908 Zombies in Film
ENGL 3916 Canadian Film since 1967
ENGL 3917 National Cinemas
ENGL 3918 The French New Wave


FILM 2022 The Art of Film
FILM 2998 Digital Filmmaking I
FILM 2999 Digital Filmmaking II
FILM 3075 Framing Reality: Theory and Practice of Documentary Media
FILM 3999 Editing and Post-Production


FILM 2909 International Film History
FILM 3183 Creative Writing: Screenwriting for Short Formats
FILM 3186 Creative Writing: Feature Screenplay
FILM 3903 Film Theory


FILM 3082 History of Canadian Cinema 


FR 3524 Roman et cinéma / The Novel and Film
FR 4524 Cinéma québécois / Quebecois Film 
FR 4354 Cinéma français / French Cinema


CCS 3066 Trauma and Seduction: Early and German Cinema
CCS 3072 (Re)constructing National Identity: Contemporary German Cinema


HIST 1315 Canadian History of Film
HIST 3415 America at the Movies
HIST 3803 War through Film
HIST 5331 Film and History in Canada


MAAC 3212 Lens Media
MAAC 3362 Sound Design


CCS 3455 Latin American Cinema
CCS 3456 The Cinema of Spain
CCS 3973 Latin American Narrative at the Movies
CCS 4053 Culture and Film: The Cinema of Transitional Democracies