Business Administration (Management)

This section contains course descriptions for students entering the program after September 2001. For students who entered the program prior to September 2001, please contact the Faculty of Management or see the 2001-2002 Web version of the Undergraduate Calendar for BA course descriptions.

Course Numbering System 

The Faculty of Management uses the following numbering system for courses offered by the Faculty.

a. The first digit

1 designates an introductory level course.
2 designates an intermediate level course which normally has a prerequisite specified in the course description.
3 designates an advanced level course which has one or more prerequisites specified in the course description.
4 designates an advanced level course with several prerequisites which normally is taken during the final year of studies.

b. The second digit identifies the nature of the course as follows:

1 general 6 quantitative analysis
2 accounting 7 information technology
3 marketing 8 employment relations
4 finance 9 independent study
5 organizational behaviour and management

c. The third and fourth digits differentiate courses in the same field. 

NOTE: See the beginning of Section H for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

ADM1165Business Communications I3 ch (3C) (EL)

Examines the “real” world of business communications from writing effective e-mail and business letters to planning and delivering informative presentations. Focus is on acquiring business writing and presentation skills. Other communication variables such as non-verbal messages, group dynamics, and interpersonal skills also covered.

Prerequisite: Open only to BBA students. BBA students normally take this course during the first term of study. Credit will not be given for both this course and ADM 2165 . 

ADM1192Business Planning and Entrepreneurship3 ch (3C) (EL)
Introduces the fundamentals of business planning within the context of an entrepreneurial environment. This is a cross-functional and experiential project-based course that requires students to actively engage with the community.
ADM1195Applied Management Skills3 ch (3C) (EL)

Provides organizational and self-management skills development in the areas of personal skills, interpersonal skills, and group skills. Self-assessment exercises, case analyses, role-plays and other experiential forms of learning will be used to enhance student ability in areas such as developing self-awareness, coping with stress, problem solving, building positive relationships, empowering others, and leading positive change. Students will perform a self-assessment of current skills competencies and knowledge complete with an action plan for personal and professional development.

Restriction: Open only to BBA students.

ADM1213Financial Accounting3 ch (3C)

Examines the identification, measurement, recording, and communication of financial information to informed users for decision-making. The basic principles and concepts to convey the conceptual framework of the accounting discipline are also reviewed. 

ADM1313Principles of Marketing3 ch (3C)

Provides a foundation of marketing theory and analysis necessary to approach the decision-making process and issues related to the marketing function. BBA students normally take this course in the second term of study.

ADM1513Organizational Behaviour3 ch (3C)

Introduces the contributions of the applied behavioral sciences to the study of work in organizations. Covers the fundamentals of individual and group behaviour, as well as selected topics in motivation, leadership, communication, conflict and organizational change. Credit will not be given for both this course and ADM 2513.

ADM2166Business Communications II3 ch (3C) (EL)

Examines contemporary strategies for successful written and oral communications in business. Theories of written and oral communication and their application to the real-world context covered with a focus on the practical applications of business contexts including: conducting interviews and surveys, writing formal business reports and proposals, and delivering persuasive arguments.

 Prerequisite: ADM 1165. BBA students must complete this course during the first 75 ch.

ADM2192Professional Specialization Project3 ch (3C) (EL)
Exposes students to the fundamentals of applied decision-making through case analyses and/or applied projects designed to help students transfer knowledge to practice, explore various career options, and choose a BBA major which supports their chosen career path. Experiential exercises will entail the systematic application of frameworks, models, concepts, and theories from ADM courses to multidisciplinary business situations, for which students will develop practical recommendations. The course will continue to build on the Applied Management Skills gained from ADM 1195 with a specific focus on enhancing skill development in areas such as: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Career Exploration and Knowledge Application/Analysis.

Prerequisites: ADM 1192, ADM 1195, ADM 1213, ADM 1313, ADM 2413, ADM 2815

ADM2223Managerial Accounting3 ch (3C)

Emphasizes the role of the accounting function in managerial decision-making. Traditional job costing and activity-based costing stressed. Appraises the use of standard costing and variance analysis as tools for management control. Examines flexible budgets, break-even analysis and contribution costing in decision-making.

Prerequisite: ADM 1213.

ADM2315Marketing Management3 ch (3C) (EL)

Covers the application of theory and analytical tools from the marketing management perspective. Focuses upon the analysis and solutions of complex marketing problems in the contemporary environment. Credit will not be given for both this course and ADM 3315.

Prerequisite: ADM 1313.

ADM2413Principles of Finance3 ch (3C)

Analyses the basic tools and concepts of finance and illustrates their application to practical problems faced by managers. Topics include: the time value of money, term structure of interest rates, valuation of financial securities, financial statement analysis, financial planning, working capital management and short-term and long-term sources of financing. Provides an introduction to the techniques of capital budgeting and the concepts of risk and return on options.

Prerequisite: ADM 1213.

ADM2623Business Statistics (Cross-Listed: ECON 3601)3 ch (3C)

Introduces the methods of data presentation and analysis, and their applications to business problems, including measures of data description, probability concepts and distributions, and statistical decision theory. Also considers sampling theorem, hypothesis testing using different techniques.

Prerequisites: 30 ch, MATH 1843 or MATH 1823 and ADM 1833 or equivalents.

ADM2624Management Science (Cross-Listed: ECON 3602)3 ch (3C)

Presents a variety of applications of optimization models to business problems such as allocation, blending, and scheduling. Introduces concepts of production planning, inventory control, network models and sequencing.

Prerequisite: ADM 2623. BBA students must complete this course during the first 75 ch. 

ADM2713Management Information Systems3 ch (3C)

Covers the application of different forms of computer technologies in enterprises, supply chains, and the marketplace in general; understanding of the system solution implementation process; understanding of the role of computer technologies in altering business processes in all applications, the decision-making process normally conducted by humans but now accomplished through tools like robotics and artificial intelligence. Specific emphasis, will be placed on the development of data analytic skills using spreadsheet software in a lab-based teaching environment. 

Prerequisites: 30 ch. 

ADM2815Human Resources Management3 ch (3C) (W)

Introduces human resource management and its role in corporate strategy. Topics include: human resource planning, recruitment and selection, employee training and development; performance appraisals; and compensation.

ADM3123Business Law I3 ch (3C) (W)

Examines the impact of law on business decisions and activities. Includes an introduction to the Canadian legal system, the law of contract and the law of torts. Emphasis given to the identification, evaluation, and management of legal risks in a business context. 

Prerequisite: 30 ch. 

ADM3124Aboriginal Business Law3 ch (3C)

Examines the unique aspects of business law as it applies to Aboriginals. Topics include constitutional framework; self-government; bands, band councils and reserves; commercial relations; taxation; and employment relations.

ADM3155Local and International Business Relations3 ch (3C) (W)

Examines issues that arise when business transactions or institutions cross borders. Such boundaries often reflect differences between home and host locals in terms of political, legal, economic, financial, and cultural aspects and represent a cost that firms seek to mitigate. Similar differences also exist within Canada, such as with the theories, concepts, and tools underlying international business and an appreciation for both the similarity and diversity between actors in regional and international contexts.  

Prerequisites: ADM 1313 and ADM 2413.

ADM3192Community Leadership3 ch (3C) (EL)
Prepares BBA graduates to create value beyond a profit focus alone through community projects. Students solve issues for community stakeholders through engagement with community organizations. Work activities emphasize community enhancement, development, equal opportunities, and sustainability. These activities include, but are not limited to, social change, social justice, environmental protection, and sustainability. Through project reports, student communicate their reflections on the value to the firm from their proposed solutions to community problems.

Prerequisites: Limited to BBA students with 45 Credit Hours.
ADM3215Intermediate Accounting I3 ch (3C)

Presents in-depth coverage of selected topics in financial accounting. Commences with a review of the theoretical foundation for financial reporting, providing the conceptual background necessary to understand generally accepted accounting principles and alternatives to these principles. Specific emphasis given to the major asset categories found on corporate balance sheets through extensive coverage of cash, receivables, inventories, and capital assets.

Prerequisites: ADM 1213, ADM 2223 and ADM 2413.

ADM3216Intermediate Accounting II3 ch (3C)

Continues the examination of the balance sheet commenced in ADM 3215 with extensive coverage of liabilities and shareholders' equity. Specific emphasis directed to several current and controversial topics in accounting - corporate income taxes, earnings per share, and leases. Concludes with an overall look at financial statements and disclosure issues.

Prerequisite: ADM 3215.

ADM3225Cost Accounting3 ch (3C)

Examines cost accounting information and its use in managerial control. Deals in detail with cost accumulation, job and process costing, standard costing, and variance analysis. Supplements the material covered in ADM 2223. Reviews the use of costing techniques in other than manufacturing situations.

Prerequisite: ADM 2223. 

ADM3316Services Marketing and Management3 ch (3C)

Building on basic marketing elements, introduces the unique opportunities and challenges associated with the marketing of services. Topics include service and experience design and management; service delivery and capacity management; the service encounter; service failure and recovery; customer participation in service processes; satisfaction and loyalty; and customer relationship management.

Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315.

ADM3345Marketing Research3 ch (3C)

Examines the design and conduct of research for marketing decision-making. Includes problem formulation, obtaining and organizing data, advanced analytical techniques, questionnaire design, market testing, and analysis of results.

 Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315.

ADM3375Marketing of Technological Services and Products (Cross-Listed: TME 3346)3 ch (3C)

Provides an in-depth approach to the marketing of technology focused on industrial products and services. Includes essentials of marketing, along with aspects of product development, promotional design, distribution, pricing/budgeting determination, strategic analysis, communication skills, client/customer relations, and considerations for the small business environment. Not available for BBA degree credit.

ADM3415Corporate Finance3 ch (3C)

Examines portfolio theory and valuation capital, capital expenditure decisions, long-term financing decisions, cost of capital, financial structure, dividend policy, and external expansion.

Prerequisites: ADM 2413, ADM 2623

ADM3435Financial Markets and Institutions (O)3 ch (3C)

Examines the role of financial markets and institutions in the transfer of funds in Canada. Reviews the nature of assets and liabilities of financial institutions in the current regulatory framework. Considers the management of assets and liabilities of key depository and non-depository organizations, illiquidity risk, funding risk, default risk, and regulatory risk.

Prerequisite: ADM 2413

ADM3445Personal Financial Planning3 ch (3C)

Based upon the theory of financial decision-making applied to personal finance, covers the financial planning techniques used in professional practice. Topics include: financial goal setting, the life cycle model of financial planning, budgeting, tax planning, cash management, personal credit, investment choices, risk management, and retirement planning.

ADM3573Organization Design3 ch (3C) (W)

Examines the factors considered in the structural design of an organization. Special attention is given to the organization's external environment and internal decision structures and processes.

Prerequisite: 45 ch

ADM3626Managerial Decision Analysis3 ch (3C)

Deals with the analysis of decision problems under uncertainty, partial information, risk and competition. Considers the analytic hierarchy process, outranking procedures, and multi-attribute utility theory. Examines the construction and use of indifference curves for the solution of multi-stage decision problems, and the numerical determination of stable solutions for problems with two competitors.

Prerequisite: ADM 2623.

ADM3628Advanced Statistics for Finance (Cross-Listed: ECON 3628)3 ch

Examines theory behind statistical techniques such as analysis of variance, simple and multiple regression, non-parametric methods of estimation and hypothesis testing, and time series analysis. Examines the application of these techniques to problems in finance and other areas of business administration.

Prerequisite: ADM 2623.

ADM3685Total Quality Management3 ch (3C)

Provides a fundamental coverage of total quality management. Includes the basic principles and practices of TQM, the tools and techniques of TQM, and case studies of the implementation of TQM in the manufacturing and service industries.

Prerequisite: ADM 2623.

ADM3875Labour Relations3 ch (3C) (W)

Introduces industrial relations with particular reference to unionized workplaces. Topics include: industrial relations theory; the development, structure and functions of organized labour in Canada; collective bargaining; strikes and industrial conflict; the grievance and arbitration process.

ADM4115Management of Innovation and Technology3 ch (3C)

Examines the strategic management of high technology and other organizations. Emphasizes innovation and the development or commercialization of intangible assets. Introduces tools and techniques for the implementation of appropriate strategies.

 Prerequisites: ADM 1313 or ADM 2313. 

ADM4125Business Law II3 ch (3C) (W)

Introduces the law that affects various functional aspects of a business. Topics include: law of business associations including partnerships and corporations; property including real, personal and intellectual; employment including hiring and termination; finance including debtor/creditor, banking and bankruptcy; and marketing including advertising and sales. Emphasis given to the management of legal risks.

Prerequisite: ADM 3123. 

ADM4143Strategic Management3 ch (3C) (EL)

Examines the process of strategy formation for the business enterprise as an integrated organization. Emphasizes the problems of defining organizational mission, analyzing the dynamics of competitive rivalry, and the determinants of success or failure for alternate types of business strategies based upon a thorough company/industry analysis.

Prerequisites: 87 BBA qualifying credit hours, including ADM 2315, ADM 2413

ADM4165Corporate Communications3 ch (3C)

Appraises how an organization communicates with internal and external audiences. Introduces principles, theories, and practices used to generate and maintain positive relationships with non-consumer audiences and to handle the diverse communication challenges found in the workplace.

Prerequisite: ADM 1513 or ADM 2513. 

ADM4175Venture Start-up & Entrepreneurship3 ch (3C) (W) (LE)

Considers the problems associated with starting and operating a small enterprise. Focuses upon actual small business successes and failures.

Prerequisite: 60 ch.

ADM4176Management of New Enterprise3 ch (3C) (W) (LE)

Focuses upon the development of a project proposal for starting a new business or a case study of an existing enterprise.

Prerequisite: 96 ch.

ADM4177New Product Development3 ch (3C)

Examines concepts related to the management of new product development (NPD) and the role of NPD in the strategy of contemporary companies. Reviews concepts for development of winning solutions, approaches useful in organization of design process, and methods for selection/evaluation of projects. Considers concepts related to development of new services, as well as the refinement of innovative ideas and their implementation.

Prerequisite: ADM 3345

ADM4182Outsourcing (O)3 ch (3C)

Examines situations where outsourcing major portions of a firm’s activities makes sense and appraises how to manage the resulting contract. Topics include: measuring outsourcing relationships, measuring performance, and driving value. 

Prerequisite: ADM 1513 or ADM 2513. 

ADM4190Venture Assessment6 ch (6C) (EL)
Focuses on the venture assessment process from the perspective of early stage investors. The skills students learn will be valuable within investment firms and in various other settings. It would be valuable to both start-ups and large firms that seek to launch evaluate, or to support new initiatives. Students will develop a skillset that will allow them to see the value by mitigating for the risks that others only see as barriers. Credit will not be given for both ADM 4190 and ADM 4193.

Prerequisites: ADM 4175 and ADM 4435.

ADM4191Professional Development0 ch (EL)
Equips students with non-course specific academic and professional preparation tools that build program exit confidence for post-graduation careers. Research skills necessary for both program and professional success are introduced in appropriate courses for off-class completion. From the faculty's Illiad and B-Kat tests, ADM 1192 (Business Planning and Entrepreneurship), and ADM 1195 (Applied Management Skills), students identify their strengths and weaknesses for improvements through self-chosen, approved, verifiable activities. Completion is required for graduation.
ADM4192Professional Skills3 ch (3C) (EL)

Captures the experiential engagements of students throughout the BBA program. These non-class taught skills (including library, business research, and excel skills) relevant towards the successful completion of the program are moduled for completion at appropriate points prior to or during the respective courses that need them. Integration of requirements throughout the program permits students reflections on, evaluations and acceptance of these skill requirements as necessary. Also acceptable are profession focused skills for the respective major areas of the program. Proficiencies in the access to, and use of, appropriate databases and software, career planning, and other appropriate professional development activities complete the requirements. A student's advisor helps students keep verifiable track of progress in a skills portfolio and advises students accordingly before regular course registrations.

ADM4195Co-operative Education3 ch (EL)

Provides extensive practical experience in the professional world through the successful completion of 3 co-op work terms. For each work term, a work project, either a report or a presentation, must be completed and receive a passing grade. The Co-op Office will register the student for this course at the start of the final full time study term. A student will be awarded CR (credit) for this course.

Prerequisites: 2 previous successful work terms with passing work term reports.

ADM4196Internship in Business3 ch (W) (EL)
Engages students in approved work for 80 hours in a term for an approved department of an organization and under the supervision of a faculty member. Requires work on a project that is evaluated for academic assessment through a required comprehensive internship report. Open to no-major BBA candidates in good academic standing. Subject to faculty and placement availability. May not be used as a substitute for a specific major area internship (ADM4295, ADM4395, ADM4495, ADM4895) or ADM4195. Credit will not be given for both ADM4196 and a specific major area internship or ADM4195.

: Completion of required Year 1 and Year 2 BBA courses.
ADM4197Consumer Behaviour and Economic Spending in an Indigenous Context3 ch (3C) (EL)
Provides an understanding of the relationship between consumer behaviour and economic spending, and how this understanding can be used to estimate market sizes. The focus is on how behaviours and spending factors can be utilized to determine economic leakage in indigenous communities. Community economic development and perspectives on how development can best be achieved, such as asset-based community development (ABCD), will also be emphasized. This project-based course partners with the Listuguj Mi'gmaq Economic Development Office. Students will conduct an economic leakage study within the community to complete the course.
ADM4199Consulting Practicum3 ch (3C) (EL)
Under the supervision of a faculty member, students provide a consulting service to business, non-profit government organization. Normally this course involves the engagement of a group or groups of students who are responsible for the delivery of a report and formal presentation to a client organization.

: Students must have completed 60 ch and have attained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Subject to a faculty supervisor and placement availability.
ADM4215Advanced Financial Accounting I3 ch (3C) (W) (LE)

Examines the accounting and financial reporting for inter-corporate investments and business combinations, including the preparation of consolidated financial statements for parent and subsidiary entities. Also covers segmented reporting.

Prerequisites: ADM 2223 and ADM 3216

ADM4216Advanced Financial Accounting II3 ch (3C) (W) (LE)

Examines the accounting and financial reporting issues for the translation of foreign currency transactions and statements, non-business organizations, partnerships and businesses in financial difficulty. Also covers the conceptual framework for accounting and alternative accounting measurement models. Discusses current financial reporting issues.

Prerequisites: ADM 2223 and ADM 3216

ADM4218Financial Statement Analysis3 ch (3C)

Appraises the role of financial reporting in operating, financing, and investing decisions. Develops appropriate skills in the area of financial statement analysis. Reviews generally accepted accounting principles in Canada and elsewhere, as well as financial statement analysis of companies in different industries or geographic areas.

Prerequisites: ADM 2223 and ADM 3415

ADM4236Case Writing in Accounting 3 ch (3C) (EL)

A capstone course designed to prepare students to pursue the Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. Students will further develop financial reporting, management accounting, tax, and audit competencies from prerequisite courses. Using the CPA Way methodology, students will learn to research, structure, and develop comprehensive responses to simulation cases. By the end of the course, students should be able to apply current Canadian accounting standards to a variety of situations.

Prerequisites: ADM 3215, ADM 3216, and ADM 3325.
ECON 3205 and ECON 4275.
ADM4245Accounting Theory3 ch (3C) (W)

Focuses on accounting literature, especially with respect to financial reporting, and accounting standard setting.

Prerequisites: ADM 2223 and ADM 3216

ADM4275Auditing3 ch (3C)

Introduction to the concepts and procedures underlying contemporary auditing. Topics include ethics, legal liability, internal control, audit evidence, audit reports.

Prerequisites: ADM 2223 and ADM 3216

ADM4295Internship in Accounting3 ch (W) (EL)

Involves approved work for 80 hours in a term for an accounting department of an organization and under the supervision of a faculty member. Requires work on a project that is evaluated for academic assessment. NOTE: Open to Honours BBA candidates with a major in accounting. Subject to faculty and placement availability.

ADM4296Independent Study in Accounting3 ch (W)

Preparation of an empirical or theoretical study in accounting under the supervision of a faculty member. Application required at least 30 days prior to the term in which work will be undertaken. NOTE: Applicants must have completed 96 ch and have attained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

ADM4315Salesforce Management3 ch (3C) (W) (LE)

Applies theory relating to salesforce management from a manager’s point of view. Requires reading and discussion of articles, which present research in the area. Entails the completion of several assignments designed to facilitate interaction with the business community.

Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315.

ADM4316Professional Selling3 ch (3C)

Provides an introduction to and application of the principles of personal selling for persons pursuing any vocation, as well as those aspiring to careers in Marketing. Introduces basic concepts of professional selling including: customer analysis, communication skills, effective openings and closings, and customer relations. Emphasizes the development of selling skills via sales exercises, role-plays and presentations.

Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315.

ADM4317Customer Relationship Management3 ch (3C)

Examines customer relationship management (CRM) as a key strategic process for organizations. Addresses benefits and problems of CRM strategy and implementation, culminating in the completion of a CRM strategic plan. Includes case analysis, student “expert” presentations, online discussions and applied appraisals.

Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315.

ADM4325Consumer Behaviour3 ch (3C)

Appraises concepts and their interrelationships in order to develop an understanding of consumer decision-making processes. Includes basic individual determinants of consumer behaviour, environmental influences on consumers, purchase processes, post-purchase processes, market segmentation, brand loyalty, fear appeals.

 Prerequisite: ADM 3345.

ADM4326Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty3 ch (3C) (LE)

Examines issues relevant to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Topics covered include the marketing concept, continuous improvement, quality, complaint behaviour, expectations, measurement, and relationship marketing.

Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315, or consent of the instructor.

ADM4335Contemporary Marketing Issues3 ch (3C) (W)

Considers contemporary issues in marketing. Taught as a seminar-based course and requires readings and detailed discussions of articles relevant to the selected topics of enquiry.

Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315.

ADM4336Market Orientation3 ch (3C)

Examines theory and practice of market orientation for the creation and generation of enterprise growth or sustainability. Reviews variables that shape market orientation and appraises the value and role of the entrepreneur in development initiatives. 

Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315.

ADM4345Integrated Marketing Communications3 ch (3C)

Examines forms of marketing communications, emphasizing their role in the Canadian environment. Includes basic communications theory related to basic consumer behaviour theory, media availability and selection, promotion channels, personal selling, industry self-regulation, role of government regulation.

Prerequisite: ADM 3345

ADM4346Social Media Marketing3 ch (3C)

Examines different platforms in the social media environment. Identifies and explores online marketing opportunities for individuals, marketers, and enterprises.

Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315.

ADM4353Export Market Entry3 ch (3C) (EL)

Appraises how to plan and implement export tactics and strategy. In addition to the study of global marketing concepts, theories, and analytical tools, students will be expected to prepare a market entry plan. Atlantic-based organizations will participate in the course as case studies.

Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315.

ADM4355Global Marketing3 ch (3C) (LE)

Examines marketing decision-making in an international environment. Identifies and explores marketing problems facing enterprises undertaking expansion beyond domestic market boundaries.

Prerequisite: ADM 2315 or ADM 3315.

ADM4395Internship in Marketing3 ch (W) (EL)

Involves approved work for 80 hours in a term for a marketing department of an organization and under the supervision of a faculty member. Requires work on a project that is evaluated for academic assessment. Note: Open to Honours BBA candidates with a major in marketing. Subject to faculty and placement availability. 

ADM4396Independent Study in Marketing3 ch (W)

Preparation of an empirical or theoretical study in marketing under the supervision of a faculty member. Application required at least 30 days prior to the term in which work will be undertaken. Note: Students must have completed 96 ch and have attained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. 

ADM4415Working Capital Management3 ch (3C)

Considers areas relating to various components of working capital. Examines practical issues and analytical models for the efficient management of cash, accounts receivable, and inventories, along with the critical appraisal of various sources of short-term funds.

Prerequisite: ADM 2413

ADM4416Applied Financial Management3 ch (EL) (LE)

Employs actual and simulated corporate financial cases related to financial planning and control, working capital management and capital budgeting, cost of capital and optimal capital structure, dividend policy, mergers and acquisitions, and international financial management.

Prerequisite: ADM 3415

ADM4421Mergers and Acquisitions3 ch (3C)

Covers the theory and practice of mergers and acquisitions. Topics include: valuation techniques and their applications; Economic forces and timing of merger activity; motives for mergers and acquisitions; market for corporate control; valuing synergies; valuing (target) firms for takeover; accounting for mergers; practical issues in mergers and acquisitions; hostile takeovers; forms of payment; M&A strategies; the role of the board of directors; best practices; empirical tests and stock market evidence of the benefits of mergers and acquisitions.

Prerequisite: ADM 3415

ADM4425Investments3 ch (3C) (LE)

Covers the investment environment, basic investment concepts, analysis and strategy. Considers investors’ attitudes toward risk; the Markowitz portfolio theory; capital market theory and its application; the efficient markets hypothesis; expected inflation and yields on securities; options markets; securities markets, technical and fundamental analysis. Entails simulated trading using the Internet.

Prerequisites: ADM 2624 and ADM 3415

ADM4426Introduction to Financial Derivatives3 ch (3C) (LE)

Covers forward contracts, futures, options and swaps. Introduces the markets for each of these financial derivatives and explains their market valuations. Illustrates the application of market valuations of derivative products through numerical problems. Also covers the use of financial derivatives in hedging risk.

Prerequisites: ADM 2624 and ADM 3415.

ADM4435Entrepreneurial Finance3 ch (3C)

Examines the theory and practice of financing entrepreneurial firms. Topics include: financial planning and option analysis, firm valuation at different stages of development, financial fundraising with asymmetric information, fundraising alternatives and venture organization.

Prerequisites: ADM 2413 and ADM 3415

ADM4437Principles and Practice of Value Investing3 ch (3C)

Covers concepts and principles of fundamental analysis, financial statement analysis and common stock valuation models; examines the evidence that value investing is a viable strategy that has consistently produced above average returns. Students apply the concepts, principles and methodologies used by successful value investors to select and analyse common stocks and to make value investment decisions; practical application of value investment strategies is a significant part of this course.

Prerequisite: ADM 2413.

ADM4445Theory of Finance3 ch (3C)

Provides theoretical underpinnings of the concepts and decision-making frameworks in corporate finance. Covers theories of choice of consumption/saving, portfolio investment, real investments, and financial structure. Also covers models of pricing risk, along with the concepts of market efficiency and inefficiency.

Prerequisite: ADM 2624, ADM 3415ADM 3628 or equivalent. 

ADM4450Student Investment Fund6 ch (EL) (LE) (W)

Presents experiential learning of the actual financial investment process and portfolio management. Students, under the guidance of faculty advisors, manage over a $1,000,000 portion of the pension assets of the New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation (NBIMC), within the investment policies and procedures of that enterprise. Requires detailed analysis of macroeconomic, industry, and company fundamentals. Entails preparation, on a regular basis, of up-to-date reports and presentations of portfolio analysis, selection, and management. Open only to BBA students. Eligible candidates are required to complete an application form and go through an interview.

Prerequisite: ECON 1013, ECON 1023, ADM 2223, ADM 2624, ADM 3415, ADM 4425

ADM4455International Financial Management3 ch (3C) (LE)

Reviews the concept of balance of payments, foreign exchange markets, and exchange rate systems. Examines exchange rate risk and the economics of currency exposure and the international arbitrage process. Topics include: international portfolio management, capital flows including direct investment, the financial of international enterprises, taxation and transfer pricing, capital budgeting, and the cost of capital in an international setting.

Prerequisite: ADM 3415. 

ADM4475(MATH 4853) Mathematics of Financial Derivatives3 ch (3C)

Basics of options, futures, and other derivative securities. Introduction to arbitrage and partial differential equations. Stochastic calculus and Ito's Lemma. Option pricing using the Black-Scholes model. Put-Call parity and Hedging. Pricing of European and American call and put options. Number methods for the Black-Scholes model: binary trees, moving boundary problems, and linear complementarity. The barrier, and other exotic options.

Prerequisite: MATH 2013 and ADM 2213, STAT 2593, and CS 1003 or equivalent.

ADM4488Advanced Corporate Finance3 ch (3C)
Deepens students' abilities to better understand finance theories and apply techniques to deal with real business situations. Focus is on key financial decisions: investments, financing, and dividends. Students are provided a composite framework of how business activities fit under corporate finance. How financial theories and models provide tools to understand, analyze and solve the problems faced by finance managers is stressed. Students get to expand on the concepts learned in ADM 3415 (Corporate Finance).

Prerequisite: ADM 3415 
ADM4495Internship in Finance3 ch (W) (EL)

Involves approved work for 80 hours in a term for a finance department of an organization and under the supervision of a faculty member. Requires work on a project that is evaluated for academic assessment. NOTE: Open to Honours BBA candidates with a major in finance. Subject to faculty and placement availability.

ADM4496Independent Study in Finance3 ch (W)

Preparation of an empirical or theoretical study in finance under the supervision of a faculty member. Application required at least 30 days prior to the term in which work will be undertaken. NOTE: Students must have completed 96 ch and have attained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. 

ADM4525Leadership3 ch (3C) (W) (LE)

Studies theoretical and practical approaches to directing people in organizations. Explores the relative effectiveness of various leadership styles in transforming organizational foci, from a managerial point of view. 

Prerequisite: ADM 1513 or ADM 2513.

ADM4526Motivation and Work Behaviour3 ch (3C)

Utilizes recent motivation theories as frameworks to analyze the effectiveness of evaluations and control methods currently found in organizations. Included is the use of information, pay administration, and participation in the design of effective organizational control systems.

Prerequisites: ADM 1513 or ADM 2513.

ADM4535Ideology, Technology and Business (O)3 ch (3C) (LE)

Examines how ideology and technology have influenced and shaped today's society. Emphasizes the development and impact of ideology and technology on government-business relations and the freedom of business to operate. Normally open only to third and fourth year students.

ADM4615Operations Management3 ch (3C)

Presents the concepts of production planning, inventory control, network models, facility planning, scheduling and sequencing, PERT and CPM, queuing models.

Prerequisites: ADM 2623 and ADM 2624

ADM4634Social Network Analysis (O)3 ch (3C)

The course will present state-of-the-art research and practice of large social network analysis. It will provide the students with a network-centric view of modern society and essential analyzing and modeling techniques for understanding and extracting information from important real-life networks arising from business, science and engineering, such as logistic/supply chain networks, financial networks, and organization networks etc.

Prerequisite: ADM 2623.

ADM4635Supply Chain Management3 ch (3C)

Presents state-of-the-art design, control, operation, and management of supply chain systems. Focuses on the integrated management of material flow, information flow, and financial flow at three different levels: strategic, tactical, and operational. Quantitative methods and techniques necessary for the supply chain management emphasized along with case studies. 

PrerequisitesADM 2623, ADM 2624

ADM4656Location Theory and Decision Analysis3 ch (3C)

Provides an overview of the basic models and solution techniques in location analysis along with their applications. Reviews tools from strategic decision analysis and examines logistics issues in port and hump yard operations.

Prerequisites: ADM 2623 and ADM 2624

ADM4686Project Management (O)3 ch (3C)

Introduces the management tools of project selection and evaluation, the setup of a project team, and the role of a project manager. Discussion includes the quantitative techniques of managing a project in terms of time/cost estimation, scheduling, budgeting, and the other control/monitoring measures of the performance of a project.

Prerequisites: ADM 2623 and ADM 2624

ADM4688Optimization in Finance3 ch (3C)

Covers optimization techniques in both linear and non-linear problems with applications in several areas of finance. Examines how to apply optimization techniques to solve real world financial problems using a suitable commercial optimization/finance package.

Prerequisites: ADM 2413 and ADM 2624

ADM4696Independent Study in Operations Management3 ch (W)

Preparation of an empirical or theoretical study in operations management under the supervision of a faculty member. Application required at least 30 days prior to the term in which the work will be undertaken. NOTE: Students must have completed 96 ch and have attained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0

ADM4715Database Management3 ch (3C)

An introduction to database management systems. Reviews different types of database management systems. Additional topics include data modeling, query languages, database administration, data administration, security, concurrency, control and distributed databases.

Prerequisites: ADM 2713 or ADM 3713. 

ADM4718Technology, Security and Risk3 ch (3C)

Examines security and risk from a broad perspective. Topics covered include computer security, physical security of premises, shoplifting, corporate intelligence, corporate espionage, and issues of broad social importance such as airline security and terrorism.

Prerequisites: ADM 2713 or ADM 3713 or permission of the instructor. 

ADM4719Current Topics in MIS3 ch (3C)

Examines current issues in Management Information Systems.

Prerequisite: ADM 2713 or ADM 3713 or permission of the instructor. 

ADM4721IT & Supply Chain Management3 ch (3C)

Appraises the emergence of Internet-based technologies and supply chain management. Examines the intersection of three areas: introductory supply chain management, relevant aspects of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Electronic Commerce/Electronic Business and its Internet-enabled technology complements.

 PrerequisiteADM 2713 or ADM 3713. 

ADM4722 Systems Analysis and Design - User Perspectives3 ch (3C)

Examines the development of IT systems from a user perspective. Topics include the Systems Development Life Cycle, role of users and management, critical success factors and alternative development methodologies.

 Prerequisite: ADM 2713 or ADM 3713 or permission of the instructor. 

ADM4815Training and Development3 ch (3C)

Examines fundamentals of training and development function in organizations. Appraises cycle from needs assessment to evaluation and explores the influence of changes in the workplace and the availability of information technology.

Prerequisite: ADM 2815.

ADM4825Compensation Management3 ch (3C) (LE)

Introduces the strategic role played by pay and benefits in achieving organizational goals. Topics include: forms of financial and non-financial compensation; job analysis and evaluation; pay policy and external competitiveness; pay for performance; performance appraisal; and administration of the pay system. 

Prerequisite: ADM 2815.

ADM4826Employment Law3 ch (3C)

Introduces the law relating to the individual employer-employee relationship. Examines the common law governing the contract of employment from commencement to termination. Overviews statutory regulation of the employment relationship, including: employment standards; occupational health and safety; workers’ compensation; and human rights legislation. Note: Students in the MBA/LLB program will not be permitted to obtain credit for ADM 4826 and LAW 3683.

Prerequisite: ADM 3123. 

ADM4827Workplace Health and Safety3 ch (3C)

Based on the premise that occupational health, wellness and safety concerns impacts an organization’s productivity and profitability. Provides an understanding of health and safety issues, legislation and programs. Reviews current issues and methodologies affecting the occupational health and safety standards and practices of Canadian organizations.

Prerequisite: ADM 2815.

ADM4828Performance Management3 ch (3C)

The main purpose of the course is to help students design effective performance management systems. To accomplish this, the course is designed to help students approach performance management issues critically, to familiarize students with the many components of performance management systems, and to show how the right configuration of these components can help organizations achieve their strategic objectives. 

ADM4835Contemporary Issues in Human Resources Management (O)3 ch (3C) (W)

Examines current issues in human resource management in North America and abroad. With latitude given to the selection of topics.

Prerequisite: ADM 2815.

ADM4845Human Resources Planning3 ch (3C) (LE)

Examines how different organizational strategies require alternate HRM policies and practices. Explores the resource allocation issues necessary for the effective management of people within a given strategy.

Prerequisite: ADM 2815 . 

ADM4856International Human Resource Management3 ch (3C)

Introduces concepts, theories and issues in international human resource management. Explores how human resource management systems in other countries differ from Canada and, secondly, how human resource management of multinational corporations differ from domestic organizations. Topics include: global staffing, global pay, performance management in multinational corporations, global human resource management strategies and global labour relations.

 Prerequisite: ADM 2815

ADM4857Human Resource Selection Systems (O)3 ch (3C)

Explores systems used by organizations to recruit and select employees. Examines employment law, techniques to screen applicants, interviewing techniques, assessment centers, biodata, and psychological tests.

Prerequisite: ADM 2815.

ADM4878Negotiation and Dispute Resolution3 ch (3C)

Appraises conflict, negotiation and dispute resolution principles. Focuses on the formulation and implementation of negotiation and dispute resolution. Considers the causes and consequences of conflict, and applies contrasting approaches to negotiations and dispute resolution. NOTE: Students in the MBA/JD program will not be permitted to obtain credit for both ADM 4878 and LAW 4103. 

ADM4895Internship in Human Resources3 ch (W) (EL)

Involves approved work for 80 hours in a term for a HRM department of an organization and under the supervision of a faculty member. Requires work on a project that is evaluated for academic assessment. NOTE: Open to Honours BBA candidates with a major in HRM. Subject to faculty and placement availability.

Prerequisite: ADM 2815

ADM4896Independent Study in HRM3 ch (W)

Preparation of an empirical or theoretical study in HRM under the supervision of a faculty member. Application required at least 30 days prior to the term in which work will be undertaken. NOTE: Students must have completed 96 ch and have attained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

ADM4990Honours Thesis6 ch (W)

Individual development and defence before a committee of a written research endeavour under the guidance of a faculty supervisor. Students are advised to consult with their intended faculty supervisor prior to the completion of 97 ch. A written request for admission to this course must be submitted to the Associate Dean, Programs, Faculty of Business Administration, no later than 1 October of a student’s final year. NOTE: Available in designated majors and open only to Honours BBA candidates who have attained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Subject to faculty availability.

ADM4995Independent Study 3 ch

Involves planning and carrying out an empirical or theoretical investigation under Faculty supervision. Wide latitude given to the selection of topics and methods of investigation. Application for approval required at least 30 days prior to the term in which work will be undertaken. May require defence of a report before a committee of appropriate Faculty members. NOTE: Applications normally approved only for senior-year students who have attained a cumulative average GPA of at least 3.0.