BIOL4991Aquaculture in Canada 5 ch (C/L/S) (LE) (EL)

Aquaculture is the aquatic equivalent to terrestrial agriculture. We are in the midst of a global transition from hunting and gathering wild aquatic organisms to farming them. This course examines the biological principles and constraints of commercial and pilot-scale aquaculture in Canada, with emphasis on the Atlantic region. Although the focus of the course is on fish culture, consideration is also given to bivalve and seaweed culture. Topics covered include controlled reproduction, genetics and biotechnology, nutrition and feeding, stress and disease, and sustainability. Includes an overnight field trip to the Bay of Fundy to visit commercial and research facilities (a cost may be associated with this trip). Limited enrolment. 

Prerequisites: BIOL 2063, BIOL 2068, or permission of the instructor. Normally taken in the same term as BIOL 4211BIOL 4221, BIOL 4641, BIOL 4691 or BIOL 4851 or BIOL 4981 as part of the Marine Biology Concentration.