BIOL4221Diversity, Evolution and Ecology of Marine Plants5 ch (C/L/S) (LE) (EL)

This course will survey the diversity of marine plants (seaweed and phytoplankton) relative to one another and the other key lineages of life; exploring their diverse anatomical, cytological, life history and ecological attributes. In the laboratory students will use microscopy to explore vegetative and reproductive features of the various marine plants in our area. A significant component of the laboratory portion of the course will derive from work in the field collecting specimens for personal herbaria and completing biodiversity assessments (a cost may be associated with this trip). 

PrerequisitesBIOL 2063, BIOL 2068, or permission of the instructor. Limited enrolment. Normally taken in the same term as BIOL 4211, BIOL 4641, BIOL 4691 or  BIOL 4851 or BIOL 4981, BIOL 4991 as part of the Marine Biology Concentration.