BIOL4691Biology of Marine Parasites5 ch (C/L/S) (LE) (W) (EL)

Nearly every life form is host to a parasite. This course emphasizes the hands-on study of parasites of invertebrate animals and marine fishes and incorporates field investigations and laboratory work. This course serves to integrate parasite diversity and life history, aspects of the ecology of parasitism, mechanisms of infection, epidemiology, host responses to infection, and pathology. Students will receive training in post-mortem examination, microscopy, parasite identification and diagnosis (morphological and molecular). Experience with experimental design, scientific writing, and data presentation will be acquired in association with independent student research projects. There may be an additional charge for field trips. Limited enrolment.

Prerequisites: BIOL 2003, BIOL 2008, BIOL 2063, BIOL 2068. Normally taken in the same term as BIOL 4211, BIOL 4221, BIOL 4641, BIOL 4991 as part of the Marine Biology Concentration.