Estimated costs

To better understand the financial reality of living and studying while attending UNB as a Graduate Student, we have created the following estimate of expenses for graduate students.

Expenses will consist of fees pertaining to the graduate program and living expenses. The fee structure will depend upon whether you are a domestic or international student, and whether you are in a research-based or course-based program. Some programs also require extra course fees.  Up-to-date tuition and fees information is maintained by UNB Financial Services please review their website for the tuition and fees for your program. 

The living expenses one can expect while living in New Brunswick are provided below. These are approximations and will be affected by to inflation and personal spending habits.


Estimated costs (monthly)
Off campus housing (shared), including utilities* $700-$1,500*
Food (groceries) $350
Telephone $85
Entertainment $100

*The rental cost will depend on the type of housing (e.g., a room in a shared house vs. a one-bedroom condo/apartment) and the location.