Requesting information from UNB

The University of New Brunswick is pleased to provide access to information about the business and operations of the University when requested under the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RTIPPA). Records are provided in accordance with appropriate legislation and as provided for in the UNB Policy for the Provision of Access to Information (PATI).

When requesting information

  • Records related to the UNB's business and operation activities
  • Records related to one's own personal information

  • Personal information about another individual
  • Teaching and research materials related to an individual's research work
  • Advice or proposals provided to the university in confidence
  • Information that would harm the university's competitive position or interfere with contractual negotiation

The University of New Brunswick routinely provides information to the public. Informal or 'unofficial' information requests, like routine inquiries, are always welcome through administrative offices and academic units. UNB's Office of Institutional Analysis is a great source of institutional data, demographic information, as well as facts and figures about employees, students, faculty members, enrollment numbers, financial analysis, etc. Please contact them directly for more assistance with requests for this type of public information.

Formal or 'official' Right to Information (RTI) requests, relating to the public business of the University or personal information requests, are also welcome. We encourage all official request to be directed to the RMPO via the RTI request form. Prior to submitting a formal RTI request form, we invite you to see if the information you seek is already publicly available:

Send us a request form

Submit your request providing as much detail as possible about the records you would like to access. Once a request has been successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation email and University Secretariat staff will contact you within a few days, by phone or email as indicated by your contact preference, to review your request with your directly.

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