What we do

We shout UNB’s story to the world!

UNB spirit and pride is in our DNA. We bring the UNB brand to life by telling stories that reflect and reinforce who and what makes UNB special.

We provide tools, resources, advice and support that empower the UNB community to tell their unique story to the world and showcase the impact that people of UNB are having on the lives of others and in our communities.

The UNB brand

The UNB brand is more than a logo, font or colour palette. Much of who we are comes from how we tell our story and how we help bring UNB to life.

Ensuring a consistent visual identity, tone and voice, we create a strong brand personality and the foundation to support the collective voice of who we are and how UNB presents itself to the world.

Inside Strategic Communications & Marketing

Faculty and staff can access our self-serve hub where you will find everything you need to share your stories, events and news within our community and beyond our campus gates.

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