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Hazen Hall, UNB Saint John

Enhancing teaching and learning

The UNB Saint John Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) fosters the teaching and learning culture on the Saint John campus and is supported by the UNB Saint John Teaching and Learning Committee.

We provide support, mentoring, and offering resources and professional development opportunities for all members of our teaching community.

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UNB faculty and staff can find detailed information about our programs and services — including the Diploma in University Teaching, orientation for new teachers, and teaching mentorship program — on our intranet.

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Teaching Matters newsletter

Teaching Matters is a bi-annual publication devoted to teaching and learning on the UNB Saint John campus. See current and past issues.

About the TLC

In its mission statement, the University of New Brunswick declares its intention to “provide an exceptional and transformative education for our students by encouraging initiative and innovation and unlocking their creative potential.” The vibrant culture of teaching and learning that has been created at UNB Saint John is the product of years of hard work on the part of individual teacher/scholars, and especially through the efforts of the Vice-President’s Excellence in Teaching Committee (VPETC).

Fostering excellence in teaching

Over the last 24 years, the VPETC has undertaken the work of fostering excellence in teaching at UNB Saint John and more recently, the VPETC has partnered with the part-time Teaching and Learning Centre and has served the needs of all sectors of UNB Saint John’s teaching community. They have provided support to graduate students working as teaching assistants, contract academic instructors, and both new and experienced faculty members.

The relatively informal VPETC has been folded into the new UNB Saint John Teaching and Learning Committee which will be co-chaired by a faculty member and the new educational developer and comprised of representatives from our campus teaching community. Until an educational developer is hired, Dr. David Creelman and Dr. Rebecca McKay will co-chair this committee. This more formal structure will help champion teaching and learning on the Saint John campus, especially during these unprecedented times.

Our services

Diploma in University Teaching

The Diploma in University Teaching is designed for new faculty members, contract academic instructors and graduate student teaching assistants, and provides opportunities for participants to develop and/or enhance knowledge and skills related to teaching and learning practices.

Orientation for new teachers

Each year at the beginning of fall term, the Teaching and Learning Centre and the Vice-President's Excellence in Teaching Committee host an orientation day for new teachers at UNB Saint John.

Teaching mentorship program

The Kate Frego Teaching Mentorship Program is designed to support the ongoing professional development of university teachers during the early years of their careers. The program connects new teachers with their more experienced colleagues who will assist them in gaining confidence and skill in their new role as a university educator.

Contact the TLC

If you want to be on this committee or to request more details on teaching and learning initiatives at UNBSJ, contact Dr. David Creelman or Dr. Rebecca McKay.

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Find detailed information about our programs and services on our new intranet.