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Undergraduate programs in physics

Reach objective conclusions about how nature works

Studying physics at UNB Saint John will help you find out what is real and predict the future. You can take the first year of UNB Fredericton physics program on the Saint John campus.

You will follow one of two academic paths – honours or major.


This program is designed primarily if you intend to pursue a postgraduate education. The honours program requires more specialization and a greater overall course load than the major program.


The major program allows a wider choice of courses outside the physics department and a somewhat reduced course load.

Specialize in physics or applied physics

The applied physics program may be entered if you have a satisfactory record in either first-year science or first-year engineering. We recommend that students in applied physics take CS 1003 in the first year. The applied physics program is not an engineering program and does not satisfy the requirements for a P.Eng. qualification.

All properly qualified students entering the first year of the BSc Physics program will normally complete the following courses:

First-year courses