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Jeff Houlahan Lab

My research interests are broad and include landscape ecology, conservation biology, and community ecology.

My own work is heavily influenced by my belief that ecology has not made as large a contribution to human welfare as it could have because:

  1. Research synthesis has not been a priority
  2. We rarely do experiments at relevant scales
  3. We don’t emphasize prediction enough

Ecology’s most significant contributions have been made when we have done at least one of these things (e.g. Experimental Lakes Area, Hubbard Brook, Ram Myers and Boris Worm's research on marine biodiversity).

The result is that my research has an increasing focus on large-scale experiments, research synthesis and, above everything, making and testing quantitative predictions.

I received both my B. Sc. (1994) and Ph. D. (2001) degrees at the University of Ottawa, Canada. I have been working at the University of New Brunswick at Saint John (Canada) since the summer of 2003.

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