Summer stay at Saint John residence

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Length of Stay

Reason for Summer Stay Request

Residence Information
Sir James Dunn (Traditional Style Residence)

This traditional dormitory style residence offers 80 beds with the majority being in single rooms. Each room is furnished with a double bed, wardrobe, desk set, dresser and vanity with sink. Students can select from three different room sizes below. View more details.

Would you prefer a:

Super Single (double bed)
Large single (single bed)
Regular single (single bed)
Double room (share with roommate, each with single bed)


24 Hour Quiet Room

Please select the floor you wish to live on, should the room you requested not be available:

Dr. Colin B. Mackay (Suite Style Residence)

This residence offers 170 beds in the form of double suites. Suites include two separate bedrooms, kitchenette with microwave and fridge and a private three-piece bath. Each room is furnished with a double bed, dresser and desk set. Students may purchase an optional meal plan below if desired. View more details.

Room Choice:

Mackay Room

Information on Payment of Deposit

For students living in the Mackay Residence, I will try my best to find a roommate who is staying the same length of time as me. I acknowledge if I cannot, that if the roommate I have, or the one assigned to me leaves before me for any reasons, Residence Administration has the sole discretion to assign a new roommate to my suite and/or move me to another room if need be to fill a vacancy.

The price I must pay is for one bedroom in the Mackay Residence, and does not entitle me to live in the suite by myself. To do this, I must pay double the rate given to me in order to have an entire suite to myself.

I am prepared to accept any room, which may be assigned to me, although I understand that consideration will be given to the preferences I have expressed on this form.

Obligations & Agreement

Garbage is not to be left in the hallways for cleaners. You are responsible for looking after your own garbage. Mackay Residence students are to take their household garbage to the garbage dumpster located outside the Mackay Residence. Dunn Residence students are to take their garbage to the outside garbage dumpster located in the back of the Dunn Residence between the two buildings.
No Smoking in Residence
You must go outside to smoke as smoking is not allowed in any building including the residence. Smoking in the Residence can result in immediate eviction from the building.
Alcohol on the Premises
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the TV lounges or any other common area. Drinking is permitted only in rooms and by those of legal drinking age in New Brunswick (19+)
Emergency Doors
Many of the doors in residence are for emergency exit only. They have a sign on them stating that they are emergency exits. Alarms will sound if they are opened and you will be on camera. You may use the front door of both residence as well as the pedway doors leading from the Student Centre.
Quiet Hours
Quiet hours are in effect from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. in the morning. You are expected to observe the quiet hours seven days a week.
Guests in Residence
If you are having an overnight guest you are asked to report this to the office. Do not let people who are not visiting you into the residence. You will be responsible for everyone you let in the building.
Office Hours
The summer office hours will begin on Monday, May 3rd. The office will be open 7 days a week. For assistance when the office is closed please contact Campus Security at 648-5675.
Using the Kitchen
If you use the kitchen you are required to clean up after yourself. Do not leave dirty dishes or food in the kitchen. The kitchen can be locked down if it is not looked after by those who are using it.
Cleaning your Rooms
All students are expected to keep their rooms and suites cleaned. Monthly inspections will be carried out to ensure that you are cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms of the suites.
Respecting Other Guests & Staff
As this is a hotel in the summer months you are required to show respect to other guests staying in the building.
Using the Phones
You will need to Dial 9 to get an outside line. You will need a calling card for long distance. If you are unsure of what your telephone number is just come to the office for the number.
Parking Permits
All vehicles must have a parking permit. Student Parking Permit Fees are as Follows:

I have read the Summer Residence Contract.
I understand the rules that I need to live under while staying in the residence during the summer months.
I will abide by these rules and make sure any guests of mine also respect the other guests and staff of the residence during my stay.
I also understand that if I do not follow the rules in the Summer Residence Contract the Manager of the Residence has the authority to evict me from the room.
I understand that the Residence Buildings and the University Campus has various construction projects to enhance the university’s growth. I am aware that there will be renovations to residence rooms along with external construction projects for the entire summer. There will be noise and interruptions and maintenance personal throughout the residence including guest rooms.

AS A REMINDER, your room will NOT be reserved for you until the room deposit is paid if full.

By checking the box below, I agree to the terms and conditions of the above stipulations.

I Accept the Obligations & Agreement