Student resources

Online invigilation

For guidelines and resources regarding online invigilation, see UNB Online Invigilation.

Undergraduate deferred admission

To request to defer offer of admission to another start term, complete the undergraduate deferred admission request.

Degree or campus transfer

University of New Brunswick students wishing to transfer to another degree program or to another campus must apply in writing to the Office of the Registrar for permission to do so, preferably before March 31 (Jan. 31 for BEd applicants and Feb. 15 for BN applicants). Applications received after that date will be considered provided that space is available.

Completion of Certificate/Diploma form

To apply for your certificate/diploma, fill out a Completion of Certificate/Diploma Form.

Name change

If the name of a student changes after he/she has submitted an application for admission to the University of New Brunswick, the name on the University’s file (surname and/or given name) cannot be modified except when a request for name change is completed. A name change may only be processed by completing this form and submitting the required document.

Tax information

Current students can access their T2202 through Colleague Self Service found on My UNB Portal. Past students or graduates who no longer have access and require a copy of a T2202 can send a request to

Voluntary withdrawal

A student who is considering withdrawing from the University is strongly advised to consult with their faculty advisor.

A student may drop term or full year courses up to ten days following the commencement of classes, with those courses being deleted from their academic record.

Withdrawal from courses after the 10 days but before the end of the withdrawal date will carry no academic penalty, but will be shown as "W" on the transcript. Withdrawal from courses after the withdrawal deadline will be recorded as "WF" and a grade of zero (0) will be carried into the GPA.