Each academic unit is responsible for developing its own academic timetable. Typically, the Office of the Registrar requests this information during the following periods in time for entering updating the information system in time to allow students to plan in advance. Generally, the timeline follows a basic schedule:

Summer term

  • Consists of 6, 8 or 12 week terms, commencing May 1st
  • Timetable information should be received by January 15th
  • Online timetable will appear in mid-February 15th
  • Registration for continuing students opens around March 1st

Fall and Winter terms

  • 15 week terms, commencing September 1st or January 1st
  • Timetable information should be received by February 15th
  • Online timetable will appear by March 1st 
  • Registration for continuing students will open in mid-March
  • Registration for new students will open in mid-April

Required timetable information

Information required to arrange courses in the system and book appropriate classrooms include:

  • Course acronym and number.
  • Section number
  • Title of course
  • Term being offered
  • Offering time (days of the week, start and end times), and special instructions if appropriate 
  • Dates/session in which it is being offered (required for Summer courses)
  • Course cap
  • Waitlist cap, if appropriate
  • Additional notes to appear on the timetable listing, if applicable
  • Teaching methods (tutorials, labs, practicum, etc) and the associated credit hours if mixed methods will be used
  • Course format, if not classroom (classroom, online, practicum, etc)
  • Room requirements, i.e. moveable seats, lab equipment, etc.

While offering information (days of the week, start and end times) is not required for approval of a Registrar's Warrant, it is required to activate a section.

Making adjustments to the timetable

Academic units may request adjustments to their timetable listings at any time by contacting the Office of the Registrar.  A request to cancel a section should not be made until after the students registered in the section have been communicated with. Once a section has been cancelled, no related information can be retrieved.

Registrar's Warrant

If a course has not been approved by Senate, a Registrar's Warrant must be requested and approved in advance of arranging the course in the system. The request may be made in writing (paper or electronic) to the Office of the Registrar with the required timetable information, course description, and reason for requesting the Registrar's Warrant. If an appropriate course number is unknown, the Office of the Registrar can assist with available number searches.

The Dean's approval (and Department Chair, if applicable) must be confirmed in advance of the request being sent to the Office of the Registrar. 

A course may be offered on Registrar's Warrant for one calendar year, only.

Independent study

Independent Study courses may be arranged by submitting the departmental request, approved by the student, instructor, Department Chair and Dean, to the Office of the Registrar. Rationale for taking the course in this format, and study/work plan should be included. Independent Study courses will be identified by including "IS" in the section number and will appear on the online timetable, but will be restricted from general registration by requiring instructor consent.  

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