Grade submission

Grades can be submitted online through your e-services: Admin/Academic/On-line Grading. Once submitted, a verifier (usually a department chair or dean) will receive an email requesting verification.

There are two verifiers for each discipline (i.e. SOCI, BA, BIOL). When the verifier has approved the submitted grades, they will be automatically entered into the system. Only instructors tagged to the course may submit grades.

Grade submission deadlines

Final grades are due according to the type of exam you have scheduled:

  • Final exam: grades are due five working days after the exam date.
  • No final exam: grades are due seven working days after the last class.
  • Take home exam: grades are due on the last day of the exam period.

Although grades may be submitted earlier, no students will be able to see their final grades until after the exam period has been completed.

Grade change

Instructors submitting grade changes may contact the Office of the Registrar to submit their request. Please include the student's full name, student number, the course, section and term, as well as the reason for the change.