Supporting your partner through school

Supporting your partner through schoolPlan: Having a partner in school does have a time limit. Before you begin this journey together, talk about it and come up with a plan on how you will get through this time.

Start talking about who will be responsible for what and who will handle meals, shopping and other day-to-day chores. Doing this will take some of the pressure off your household and provide you with something to fall back on if things go off track.

Celebrate: The day that classes start, the countdown begins. Mark your calendar for all upcoming tests, assignments and of course the end of the semester and schedule time to celebrate reaching these milestones.

Listen: Sometimes listening is just as important as providing a solution. School can be difficult and as frustrations creep in, give your partner a chance to talk, complain and blow of a little steam. They are not always looking for an answer just a shoulder to lean on.

Take a break: Sometimes we forget that there is life outside of work and schoolwork. Do what you can to help your partner keep their head above water. Think about planning date nights, weekends away or stay in and turn off your phones, computers and tablets.

Share: It is easy to get consumed in your day-to-day life, and when you are a student even more so. Just because your partner hasn't asked about what is going on in your life, doesn't mean they are not interested, so be sure to share. Make sure you set time to discuss you. School doesn’t have to be all you talk about.

Study buddies: Be a buddy when it comes to studying. This will help you feel more involved in their schoolwork and shows your partner that you are interested.  Quizzes, flash cards and general reviews are all ways to help out.

Surprise: Be it homemade cookies, a decadent cupcake or a card to say, ‘thinking of you,’ surprise your partner with something special to give them that extra encouraging push.

Party time: When the end is in sight, start planning to celebrate! When your partner decided to return to school it was as much of a commitment from you as it was for them.  Celebrate your success together and be sure to include anyone else that was part of the support team.

You: With so much focus on your partner it is easy to forget about you. Don't neglect your own goals and ambitions during this time. The best way to look after your loved ones is to be relaxed, refreshed, and to take care of yourself.

Need a bit more? Our counseling services are available to students and their partners.